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Zhengzhou inflatable castle manufacturer which good? Seek the essence of zhengzhou

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
On March 15, 2015 henan public channel 'impression zhongyuan' he program introduces the amusement equipment co. , LTD. , a amusement industry leader, we have enough reason to believe that such a star in the central plains earth shine brilliantly! In henan, countless inflatable amusement industry manufacturers, in which ranks a place there's a winning formula. First of all, we have a wise leader, Mr Zhang Leihua his amiable, passionate, family man the goal development together; Inflatable castle, secondly, we have excellent equipment, since the company since its inception, constantly enrich their own strength, regardless of manpower, material resources and financial resources are in the best state of development, at the end of last year, we moved the new factory, more spacious factory is a symbol of again on a new step! Finally, we have come together in a family unity and cooperation, the company gives us the best treatment, we return more energy! Charm, geographical and human conditions at present, the enterprise vigorous development is not the problem, the goal as the horse manager say: let the children all over the world use toys! Independent research and development, production and selling their own one-stop services, professional custom is our specialty, customer recognition is the best reward for us! Production of attractions is rich, water park and land park project officially open, and all kinds of inflatable toys are selling, inflatable water slides, children's inflatable slide, inflatable trampoline, inflatable castle, inflatable pool, inflatable tents, inflatable toys, water demand of customers don't miss oh!
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