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Zhengzhou essence to introduce to you what is the inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-14
Inflatable castle is a kind of appearance is castle modelling of the inflatable amusement equipment, use has the characteristics of environmental protection, soft material, for children's amusement. Because of its lovely, unique shape, popular children's favorite. Also known as: inflatable castles, children's castle, inflatable trampoline, etc. Features: large inflatable castle park belong to a new generation of recreational facilities, according to the characteristics of the design, it contains slides, a variety of animal shapes, is rich in entertainment, popular children's favorite. It has security, comprehensive, ornamental, novelty, color bright, durable through scientific three-dimensional combination, adopt super waterproof cloth is made and be become, it is a comprehensive strong entertainment paradise. Gamers by turn, roll, climb, shake, shake, jump, drilling and other novel activity way, to achieve the development intelligence, the exercise, the purpose of pleasure. This product because of its randomness and no power unit was welcomed by buyers, safe and reliable, management is simple, easy maintenance. ( 1) Large inflatable toys and small and medium-sized plastic toys fabric thickness of 0. 45mm( 500D) 。 Slide and slopes using 0. 55mm( 1000 d) Fabric, the bottom thickness of 0. 45mm( 500D) 。 The height of the air cushion is 60 centimeters, barrier height is 80 cm, the width of the barrier for the 27 - 30 cm. Slide and modelling design are rounded corners. In easy to break the use of reinforced structure from sewing. Material PVC clip net cloth, for national unity by quality supervision testing results show that this material, non-toxic tasteless green amusement equipment completely specify one of the material. ( 2) This material is a professional inflatable cloth, good cold resistance, can be up to 40 degrees below zero at low temperature; Good flame retardancy. Is short for PVC material, PVC is PVC resin as the main raw material, adding suitable amount of anti-aging agent, modification agent and so on, through mixing, rolling, such as vacuum blister technology and material. Can use around eight to thousands of people. History: the early castle type is called a mound and plate. Mound is mud soil embankment, has a certain width and height, generally speaking, there are fifty feet tall. Mound can building large wooden towers above, under the mound to surround a board, called BanZhu, used for protection/warehouse, livestock fence hut and used to live in. Mound and BanZhu is like a small island, was excavated and filled with water in the moat surrounded, by a narrow bridge and the steep path to connect with each other. At the time of danger, if can't keep BanZhu, defense force will retreat to the towers. In the 11th century, began to stone instead of clay and wood to build the castle. Construction in the soil on the surface of the top of the wooden towers, replaced by large stone, the fortifications known as shell fortress, towers or fortress for later development. A stone wall will be surrounded by the old BanZhu and fortress, and instead trenches or surrounded by a moat, in addition to setting the gate of suspension bridge and protection to the castle gate only. Basic fortified castle, one of the most famous is by William the conqueror built the tower of London. It was originally a square building, and be painted white to attract attention, then the Kings to see today's walls and improved construction to strengthen its size. After the Crusades, bring a new defense technology and siege engineer, make the design of the castle is improved. Concentric castle expanding from the center, surrounded by two or more wall annular walls. The original square towers to strengthen the defense of the city wall, then instead of round towers. Because towers in the corner of the square will be very vulnerable to attack, make whole towers hit extremely easily, and even more resistant to the towers of circular. At the top of the walls and the towers can be adding more combat readiness, let them more have the ability to attack down. Although artillery appeared in Europe in the early 14th century, but until the middle of the 15th century ago, didn't use to have power of siege artillery. With the power of artillery ascension, people began to change the design of the castle as a coping. Previous high dangerous steep walls replaced by low sloped walls. In the middle of the 15th century, due to the expansion of the sovereign, castle started to decline. In the eleventh century, William the conqueror claimed all of Britain's castle, and at the hands of the aristocracy of them back. In the 13th century, the castle building or fortified must obtain the consent of the king. Its aim is to abolish the castle, let they cannot serve as the dependence of the insurgency. Castle is Nick, a quarter still saved by aristocrats, others are reduced to ruins. Due to the production of wealth transfer from rural to urban, defenses to strengthen town become more important. The building of the castle, can cost less than a year to complete, can also be used on the energy consumption for twenty years. Over the centuries, build the castle is an important industrial, famous master masons by strong demand, and of the builders ChengHuo castle will be from one place to another place to work. Town hopes to employ skilled workers to build the cathedral, the lords also wants to hire them to build the castle. Bao malice in northern wales castle, built since 1295. Its design symmetrical, no weakness. When building crest height, need thirty blacksmith, four hundred masons and two thousand workers. The workers are engaged in digging, handling, lifting, discover and split stones. This design strictly castle has been unable to complete. While the big castle cornwell, by the British king Edward I in Wells, took four months to build. The walls of the castle is a stone building, inner wall with rubble and flint to fill, the rubble and flint is mixed by mortar machine. The wall width.
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