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Zhengzhou essence tell you right way of inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-12
1, use the fan on the inflatable castle, inflatable should pay attention to the supply voltage is consistent with the product description. 2, casing shall be a reliable earthed, and need to check on a regular basis. Put the fan air inlet on the fence in order to avoid safety accident. 3, the collection should be shut off the power, inflatable castle, open the interface of the fan and vent castle exhaust time for half an hour (usually Depending on the castle size) , squeeze the residual air to manually. In case of rain water, must first rule out the water and air dry. 4, inflatable castle shall be carried out in a regular cleaning and disinfection, can use detergent to wash of the castle, should use water to wash after remove the stain, then dry it. Castle 5, if not to use for a long time, we should pay attention to clean after the castle for folding, binding, packaging is good. Storage temperature should be - It is advisable to 50 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius. And pay attention to prevent pests outside the castle. 6, it should be noted age too small children play stimulus program. 7, avoid the age difference is too big, prevent collision accident in older children and infants. 8, supervision and management personnel shall, from time to time, to teach children to comply with the rules of the game play, to prevent accidents. 9, when the wind blows, the rain pours, such as weather, should be banned in outdoor use outdoor inflatable castles, lest produce an accident.
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