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Zhengzhou essence of inflatable castle, inflatable toys?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
Inflatable toys? Inflatable amusement equipment including large inflatable toys, inflatable trampoline is software of amusement equipment, the use of non-toxic mesh PVC materials, inflatable castle by gas forming, soft surface, the security is very high. Inflatable trampoline slide is depending on the child's love in the open amusement is designed according to the features of natural environment, it contains the special modelling of slide, a wide variety of animals, there are some rich entertainment, popular children's favorite. It has the security, comprehensive, ornamental, novelty, colorful, durable. Large inflatable castles, inflatable paradise of entertainment, fitness, education and the integration of children's amusement fitness center, this is the dream world full of color and tong qu can meet the needs of children.
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