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Zhengzhou children inflatable castle industry knowledge

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-21
1. Is how to calculate the price of inflatable castle? Answer: most are calculated on the area size of inflatable castle. Mainly because of materials of many problems. But all of them according to the area computation are not scientific, so we mainly according to the size, style and combined with the complexity of the toy cost accounting. Overall, the domestic price in the 120 - inflatable toys 180 per square meter. 2. I want to, how to buy? A: we have it says on the website of the shopping process. Once again here, first of all, are you sure you need the product, after we signed a contract, one copy each of the staff, in order to protect the interests of both sides. Then after you pay some deposit, we start production, If there are any spot, down payment, can be after delivery) , the rest of the payment for goods pay when you collect the goods to the logistics company collection. In the process of logistics, freight is to the buyer to pay. Producers do not bear the freight. In the process, we will explain to you the product knowledge. Details please see the news center product consulting or consulting the personnel of the service. 3. Inflatable castle is to use what material? A: made of high-quality mesh PVC material. This material is a professional inflatable cloth, cold resistant performance is good, can reach 40 degrees below zero at low temperature; Good flame retardant performance, self-extinguishing flame for 5 seconds. 4. Inflatable castle for a few years old children? Answer: generally applicable to 3 - 16 years old children play. But adults are there is also no problem. 5. Inflatable castle is harm for children? A: no any damage. The material we use for the screening of PVC fabric, by the technical supervision detection, according to the results of this material for skin, non-toxic, no harm to children. 6. If the game should do all of a sudden power outage, will cause harm? A: don't harm the children. Because the toy you have plenty of air, through the test, from standing in the toy peak ( Weight 70 kg) Adults stop when the foot touches the ground at least need more than 70 seconds slowly falling time. It won't cause damage to children. 7. Any requirements on the inflatable castle for field? A; Flat on the ground, no sharp objects. 8, inflatable how long it will take to go to play? A: in general fan blow 3-1100 w 5 minutes. 10. Inflatable castle products leak? A: first of all, this product is a continuous aeration form, and send air volume is larger, in order to make the toy has good elasticity, some parts of this kind of toy is the need for a flat, or toy quality will influence entertainment effect. In addition, if feel larger toy air leakage in need of repair, repair method is simple, just like to repair the bike tires. Only need to use the PVC material we provided and special adhesive to repair. 11. How long is the service life of inflatable trampoline? A: generally speaking, a toy can use hundreds of people around, Three years) If, pay attention to use the environment, the normal operation of equipment and maintenance, can prolong the service life. 12. Fan inefficient? One day power consumption? A; In a 1100 w fan is calculated. Basically, once an hour. Inflatable toys generally don't have to keep blowing. Blow up the tuyere wall up. One day constantly blowing is consumed less than 10 degrees. And don't have to constantly blowing, 5 KWH can in a day. What is the weight of the 13, an inflatable castle? A: inflatable castle is not the same size, weight is also different, basically can press again area multiplied by 2. 5 = this formula to calculate the weight, not by much. For example: you buy children's amusement equipment factory of 8 m X15 m Disney inflatable castle. Then the Disney is 8 x15x2 roughly the weight of the inflatable castle. 5 = 300 kg. In addition, different material and style make the product weight is also has the very big difference. 14. What is the specifications of the inflatable castle? A: generally speaking, inflatable castle is no fixed specifications. This is for the convenience of customers. According to the different products of different field production.
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