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Zhengzhou amusement equipment, blow-up lilo plastic slide have what advantage?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-16
Amusement equipment, blow-up lilo plastic slide have what advantage? Multi-function entertainment fitness jump trampoline blow-up lilo combination slide, whose character is: it is made of several different combination of the function of the slide, the central plus a jump trampoline is connected with the slide form a whole, jumped on the trampoline is alive, can be picked to install again, jump on the trampoline below with blow-up lilo, pluck up trampoline, the blow-up lilo is below. Plastic slide into indoor slide and large outdoor slide two children. 1, children's indoor slide children indoor slide is relative to the family for a slide, this slide can be put in use in the family, easy to clean, simple and practical. 2, large outdoor slide large slide is suitable for the community, kindergartens, supermarkets, parks and other places of children slide, has the function is much, play the characteristics of strong, suitable for children's drill, climbing, sliding, the effect of physical exercise, but it would be too expensive relative to indoor slide. Amusement equipment factory is a company approved by the administrative department for industry and commerce enterprise established in accordance with the law, sales of all kinds of large and medium-sized amusement equipment, children's toys and so on, mainly include the children of indoor naughty castle park amusement equipment, outdoor sports fitness equipment, plastic slide, children's inflatable castles and so on. Products applicable to the amusement park, stadium, shopping malls, parks, villas, schools, kindergartens, community, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor venues.
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