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Zhejiang inflatable pool installation method is

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-16
Inflatable toys are generally good became the basic configuration of children are playing with water, so the general inflatable products are associated with water, the use of inflatable pool is very convenient, also should pay attention to some methods in the installation. Tourists into the inflatable pool need to take off their shoes, are not allowed to contain the strong sharp objects such as keys to prevent hard prick the skin in fall into the pool; Depth of the lowest not less than 20 cm, most can't more than 30 cm, because too shallow, for children to play in a pool, there is no enough space, too deep, children will produce dangerous sex again in it. Found in the water skin have blisters, please check as soon as possible. Waterproof zipper used a dozen a wax, can make zippers so durable. 1, inflatable swimming pool production costs low, quick return of investment. With high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, good air tightness, high strength, durable, easy maintenance, etc. 2, without approval from red tape, such as building construction, do not need. 3, simple and convenient use, dismantling, cleaning and hygiene is easy to maintain, save manpower material resources. 4, easy maintenance. ( Maintenance method refer to the following maintenance instructions) 5, it can realize mobile operation or use, winter when not in use, packaging warehousing. 6, size and shape can according to your need to be flexible. Spread the pool and smooth, with air compressor according to the inflatable inflatable pool. Air force moderate shoulds not be too full, so can effectively avoid inflatable too full to bursting phenomenon, ensure that the product used at best stress state. Early ( Late) With a larger temperature difference such as noon time, attention should be paid to timely deflated or fill gas, in order to avoid pressure too much damage to the product. 8, pay attention to the water to pool height required. Water is more than two-thirds of pool height, high water tank can cause fracture deformation. Inflatable toy manufacturer of inflatable products quality is very reliable, quality of a material is very light, very suitable for young children to play, of course, there are many children like cartoon design, increase a lot of fun, life is also no harm to the child.
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