You don't know the trivia of inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
The weather is getting hot, & other; Heat bilges cold shrink & throughout; Reflected on the tent is enough, the following by Beijing Beijing bond with years of sales experience for you to summarize some matters needing attention: 1, in the role of fast filling mouth fast filling used to tents, inflatable should pay attention to after the completion of the black valves do not force twist the lid, otherwise will appear after the leakage, ensure that twist live do not leak. 2, summer inflatable tent need to open the relief valve cover, avoid excessive pressure, direct sunlight, air pressure increase, pressure reducing valve through the tent set pressure automatically discharge pressure. 3, to prevent items close setting off firecrackers, etc, the distance between 10 meters, pay special attention to the flammable and explosive of some very powerful. 4, tents wind problem: normal use 7 & ndash; 8 wind no problem, measures should be prepared in advance, wind rope, anchor, must be good, in the case of no wind will pull as far as possible, avoid instantly to the wind and to protect against time. 5, as far as possible don't inconvenient before use, the ground is rough or sharp rocks back and forth drag will reduce the service life of the tent, to prevent a sharp objects to firm, his column, such as Knives, needles, such as sharp objects) Tent to tent a bigger cut significantly prolapse, can use air pump to fill gas to avoid collapse, sure no problem for repair. 6, peng loading: tents in deflated, ahead of all the Windows open, prevent deflation appeared for a spin state at the same time, the adhesive tape. ( Avoid using will appear next to the tent itself damage) 7, tents Windows zip: tent zipper if have a place to stuck or pull don't move it is recommended that you back to gently pull a few times, try not to pull hard to avoid causing damage of zipper. You can above the teeth of the zipper daub some candles for periodical maintenance. 8, the method of use: live to cloth tents filled with gas didn't set the table before to keep living ground cloth withdraw in advance to avoid dirty, live to cloth withdraw after there will be a circle around the stick under the tent with leakage, a ring of PVC article 20 centimeters wide stick onto the air column, pacing back and forth to avoid trampling adhesive tape. 9, the use of the air pump: under the condition of normal air if there is a stop state, switch also can't use, this is the automatic temperature control of air compressor itself insurance has been opened, Automatic protection) , you only need to wait a few minutes, it belongs to the normal situation. Summer use under direct sunlight, if you can above the inflator pump use in advance. Hope the above considerations will be helpful to you, there is a problem to call our hotline at any time, solving puzzles for you at any time. A: a: on store relief tents note which details the next: next up: disaster relief tents mainly with the purpose of what?
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