Yanqi first water stage mode of entertainment production record ( Figure)

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-19
Xinjiang news net news (online If the correspondent army zhou jianguo) Sorching summer, how can you get cool water world less. On June 30, yanqi county first & other; Play travel & throughout; A big recruit activities, large inflatable toys, the head on the garden water park passion, let people experience a handful of water through the game. This is the first time yanqi county cultural and sports radio YingShiJu attempt of the whole people to participate in an big recruit offered a variety of entertainment programs, recruit process set up multiple levels, the contestants to challenge various levels in the limited time, sprint, the top three complete challenges can get prizes. At the scene of the game, made up of red, blue two teams challenge players, according to the rules in the water content in three different stage of war, they climb, ride, wear, smooth, funny, provoked the audience applause of laughter. Once the event is in yanqi county radio and television propaganda, raises the young people of great interest, sign up for the players more than 100 people, after preliminary selection, organizers of the eligible players took part in the final program recording. Just took part in the college entrance examination this year contestants marten, this paragraph of time has been practice recruit skills to soak in the water park, in the game that day, his breath across all levels, successfully completed the challenge. He said only see on television before this recruit activities, now actually this stimulus program is you can see, at home and hands-on experience, feel very fresh, very stimulating. If the game result is not ideal, he will also compete, challenge your limits and potential in the process of entertainment. Yanqi county amateur sports school principal jian-jun ma told reporters that if you wait for you to challenge the big & throughout; Activity, yanqi county for the first time, by means of recorded TV is also an activity of nationwide fitness campaign. In order to do this activity was recorded TV work, yanqi county radio and television group five sets of camera equipment, and for the first time use slide camera and rocker camera, by professional journalists on camera, all-round multi-angle to show great game scenes, strive to create a new people of all nationalities of TV programs. After completion of the program recording will own affiliate program in four sets of yanqi county radio and television broadcast, the second phase of the contestants are in recruiting.
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