Winter amusement equipment project is recommended

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-24
The weather gradually cool, even in northeast China has started to snow. But from some amusement parks and people in the square to play, you can see that tourists and did not reduce children's passion for amusement equipment. A local commissioner for amusement equipment co. , LTD to visit multiple playgrounds and square survey list to all winter one of the most popular attractions in operating rides, and the operating rides friend, hope to be able to bring you some help. 不。 1 bumper car bumper car is the darling of the amusement equipment industry, since the launch has been favored by tourists. Whether sorching summer or outside in the cold wind brutal winter can't stop the enthusiasm of the tourists. Jinshan amusement battery bumper car can run as long as the flat ground, the perfect solved the trouble. Battery bumper car can present the ground passion collision, let the whole winter warm up! 不。 2 inflatable castle, inflatable castle has been way is to attract children of big heat, whether summer or winter, the children always like on the inflatable castle jammed full of laughter, enjoy the fun of childhood. The inflatable castle the format of different modelling, and all popular animated characters can be found on the inflatable castle, all this deeply attracts every child's eyes. How can you bear to not let the children and parents to play? So the inflatable castle for children have a lot of damage. 不。 3 a carousel inflatable castle faults because demand for space is big, poor mobility, as well as advantages are obvious. So it is still a hot winter rides. Fairy carousel is the most unforgettable memories in the heart, everyone elegant decoration, dynamic music, make tourists like real on the pentium horse, the whole process of ups and downs of play to tourists leave a good memory, make the tourists in the dribs and drabs of childhood memories. Visitors in now society under the fast pace of life on a spiritual journey. Carousel has always been a fairy tale in people's mind, feeling as if in the winter with snow and ice princess. So winter carousel will not lose its own interest.
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