why pascal laugier’s martyrs is the greatest horror film of the 21st century

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An English-
The language remake released today will never be compared to 2008 French creators. Warning: This article reveals some plot details of the 2008 film Martyrs.
We suggest to have a look before reading.
Eight years ago, the terrorist community was electrified-the term contains both shock and excited skin --
Itchy awakening-by releasing a resolute and bleak Frenchman --
Language film Martyrs
The film is directed by Pascal laugir, who has so far been unknown, starring unknown actresses mogara Allaoui and Meilin jampanoy. budget French-
The cost of Canadian film production was less than 3 million euros, and it soon took a place in the history of horror films.
Some viewers saw the film at the Cannes Film Festival premiere in 2008-one of the most controversial films since Gaspar Noe\'s \"irreversible\"-while others saw it on the evening of the same year
Others first heard the news through word of mouth-after watching the scene of extreme torture, the audience fainted and vomited in the aisle. An English-
Directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz, the film, written by Wilderness Hunter screenwriter Mark L. Smith, was released today and the language remake of the film has caused cold comments.
The most common complaint is that it has been \"watered down\" irretrievably, lacking both graphic violence and the persuasiveness of the original.
But it is worth remembering that the first comment on the martyrs is not so free either-the reason is the opposite.
Time describes it as a \"baroque hope for torture --
Tim Robby of The Daily Telegraph advises readers: \"You really don\'t need to see this.
\"What other reviewers are more concerned about is what they believe is an attempt to combine torture with entertainment.
\"You may feel like you need a shower after sitting on a martyr,\" wrote the Guardian\'s Xan Brooks: \"a beautiful article in Gaul\'s torture porn, A pair of hysterical young women slipped in a pool of blood wearing clothes other than underwear and in one-star review.
It is vital, however, that some of these early critics-so quickly put on the label of \"torture porn\"-have not caught this at all.
Yes, the martyrs tell the story of a young woman.
Play Jampano, Lucy)
Tracking down those who tortured her when she was a child is notoriously difficult.
Throughout the film, we saw Lucy suffer from terrible illusions and self.
Crippled by past trauma and witnessed the bloody slaughter of a family including four children.
The last section of the martyrs focuses on the friends and future of Luoxi --be lover Anna (Alaoui)
It consists almost entirely of ongoing, calm clinical scenarios of torture-all of which form a well-known grim conclusion (
Villain Ramsey Bolton of Game of Thrones may agree).
However, the film is different from other \"torture horrors\" such as the hostel, and its tone is the illusory of extreme despair (
Laugier wrote the script when he was suffering from depression)
In fact, it never encourages the audience to appreciate or enjoy its painful scenes.
Instead, the audience is encouraged to fully identify with Anna and respond to her humanity and suffering with her.
This is not torture \"pornography\", but more pure torture.
In a key scene, Anna found a victim locked in a basement dungeon under a family home.
She was a terrible sight: Her eyes were covered with metal sunshades nailed to the skull, and her thin body was covered with scars and scratches.
Our first instinct is to be shy-to avoid this horrible, screaming creature who has been cruelly turned into something less terrible --
What is more terrible than human beings.
However, just as we were ready for a serious shock or attack, Anna reached out and grabbed the woman\'s hand, presumably the first real human contact she had received over the years.
In a film full of brutality and horror, this is a moment at the heart of shock: reminding people that unexpected tenderness can be like internal organs, skin --
The impact as torture is enormous.
Some authors speculate that martyrs-like other French horror films of the past 20 years, such as Xavier genes\' frontier-deliberately evoke deep thought --
Set trauma from the past in France.
For example, Anna\'s photo of shaved head recalls Les Femmes Tondues, and French women are ashamed of working together (
And sleep together)
Nazi after World War II, and France\'s most famous heroine, Joan of Arc. (
If you\'re in a mood for a night with a consistent but unusually intense theme, try doubling --
Charge the martyrs with Dreyer\'s 1927 passion for Joan of Arc. )
Like the worst reality. Monster of the world (
Joseph mengrad is an obvious example)
The torturers of the film reveal their real motives in the final act, and they also believe they are doing the right thing.
They see themselves as experimenters, explorers, brave pioneers-and it is disturbing that the martyrs managed to put the audience in their blood for the time being --stained shoes.
Even if we hold back for the victims of the film, we find ourselves eager to know what their abuser will find.
In the end, horror movies can scare us in many different ways, combining their inherent darkness with cunning humor and adrenaline --
Fear intensifies, or Gore\'s painting splashes.
But martyrs are a rare creation.
A century film that subtly caused all the sadness of the last century injected a vivid, heartfelt feeling into its torture scene.
Break the regret and force us to really feel it.
Is it painful to watch? Very much so.
But is the pain worth it? Absolutely.
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