Why do you say medical tent is complete supporting facilities is important

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Is put into use in all kinds of weather conditions and can be used for a wide range of temperature change. Generally an inflatable health curtains system a total of more than two hundred flat curtains of group. Curtains tarpaulins and the lining have waterproof function, the lining is commonly cotton lining, have heat preservation and heat insulation effects. Arc door, to ensure that the door have no water, and is able to complete watertight door and the door. Curtains again on planning and divided into different ways of structure, detail can be divided into single room and hall structure type; Single room space is only for sleeping and planning of the structure, heavy consideration to reduce the volume, reduce weight. And structure type of tent is hall set up outside the door loose in sleeping space plus hall, in addition to the wind, the rain has more superiority on the outside, also set is equipped with the space. To habits of different temperature environment, tents and is divided into single/double/three layers of different structure: single layer has the advantage of easy/economic/small size/manufacturing process is simple. Double difference in single is on planning increases the account within a layer permeability is good, the primary processing single tent wall of water. Due to the relatively cool season, the body eliminate the heat in a tent under the action of the cold air outside, will be on the inner wall of the tent, condensed water, wet water along the tent wall flow will be sleeping bags, and adding the account after the account outside the account does not directly, bottom cohesion, body heat will through the account, the water drops condensed out account to dc on the ground, in this sense, first is suitable for a single tent warm area or time of double tents suit Yu Liang quick time or cold. Three layers of military military curtains of planning is the account, add another layer of MianZhang, further enhances the heat preservation effect, the army curtains environment using 10 degrees below zero, as well as rise of temperature in the account to zero. This structure is our real demand. On a story: a: focus on the details of what military inflatable tent maintenance skills next article: next up: want to know 3 points exactly what are the unique inflatable tent
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