Why do some swimming pool not let inflatable swimming laps

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-16
, the summer is coming, many people have to buy a bathing suit ready to go swimming, but some landlubber also want to go swimming to solve the heat, but some swimming pool not inflatable swimming laps is this why? Inflatable swimming circle is just a toy, simply cannot be used as a life buoy. Swimming circle water toys, only on the water leisure sports plays an auxiliary or protection, dangerous to deep water area. It compared with the real life buoy, one is too light in weight, it is difficult to accurately throw; 2 it is easy to broken leak; Three is the plastic surface of the water becomes wet, more difficult to grasp. This type of swim ring can only play a certain auxiliary leisure or on the water protection, if use undeserved, can also bring potential danger. Life buoy is one of the types of life-saving equipment, the production process is complex, a more strict. Core material adopts closed ring body pass foaming material, polystyrene material, coated glass fiber cloth, with three layers of phenolic resin, then package canvas and besmear brushs paint layers. Rescue circles body must have fluorescent strip, convenient aid. For only for inland waters of life buoy, the overall quality is not less than 1. 5 kg, the purpose is to enhance the strength of the ring body, and when the rescue drowning out accurate, is not affected by the wind and waves. In accordance with the law inflatable water toys safety technical requirements of the relevant provisions of the sale of toys inflatable swimming circle must be on the market in eye-catching location marked 'not life-saving equipment, need to let the children use under adult supervision, the child's height corresponds to a depth of water' and other safety tips. Parents for their children to buy or rent swimming lap must pay attention to the following details: one to see, producer name and address and the clues and complete; 2 to touch, to choose the ring material has a certain thickness; Three news, don't buy ring material is faulty. At the same time, should be paid attention to when buying demand and save the invoice. In addition, with the inner tube is made of rubber swim ring due to the rough texture, valve mouth, long and hard, it is easy to cause harm to the child's skin, it doesn't really fit as a swim ring. In addition, parents should pay attention to is that the inflatable water toys are not suitable for children of any age, general inflatable swimming laps is only suitable for children over the age of five, all can be seated swim ring for 2 ~ 4 years old child. Aeration tank can be placed in the home of open space, with is that children are more like the inflatable toys, inflatable toys style a lot, and the inflatable deflated is is very convenient.
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