Whether your physical structure of fire tents have really know

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Today to briefly analyze the physical structure of fire curtains, and then see the function and durability. Choose the principle of structural mechanics planning structure, the use of gas pressure characteristics will have gasbag swell composition must be rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of hold up curtains skeleton. Follow choose skeleton material strength intrusive, can set the curtains bearing intrusive. Choose the function of the polymer coating is good or bad, on the service life of the structure and structure of rigid keep; And the rationality of the air chamber is set, the resolution that the structure of the limit. Fire curtains volume is larger, and the ability to tolerate a lot of people within a curtains, the curtains comparative trial group are better than one local, commonly used in emergency. Well, let's buy curtains in at the most attention is the quality of the curtains and set up problems, the quality is so many people tolerate in a security within the curtains? Established at the simple set up? Compared with general metal stents curtains, air curtains with its incomparable advantage, its light weight, small volume, has general metal stents in transporting curtains do not have advantage. A: a: on tips about outdoor tourism tents for you learn the next article: next up: why is fire camp life buoy you know why
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