When using inflatable toy must pay attention to these

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-24
This several years of development, it can be seen that the inflatable toy market share increased year by year, it also makes many earn rich merchants, but it is important to note, in which with inflatable toy safety. 1. What is the inflatable toys? 2. The slides for those children? The most suitable for 3 - inflatable entertainment products The age of 16 children use; At the same time some products for adult entertainment. 3. Children play with them is there any danger? No any danger, but must be in accordance with the rules of the game in normal use. Children can contact part is soft and elastic material of inflatable, so whatever collision or fall on children will not cause harm. 4. Making toys materials harmful to human body? Especially have influence on children's health? Due to the inflatable toy is using a thin film materials, materials is PVC products. This is a kind of PVC material, either from the perspective of the analysis of chemical composition or from years of use, are not in use and contact, cause harm to human body health, completely can be used without concern. 5. An inflatable slide can use how long? Is calculated according to the use of equipment. In general, the wolong can use 12 - inflatable toys About 140000 people, pay attention to use environment and the implementation of the normal operation and equipment maintenance, can prolong the service life. About these problems, inflatable toy manufacturers are explained clearly, inflatable toy prospect is very good, the cost of maintenance is low, is the children's favorite.
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