When purchasing an inflatable toy should pay attention to what?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-20
For a lot of people are like toys, a to compare products sell like hot cakes is summer inflatable toys, inflatable pool, swimming ring is better inflatable toys, so we should be paid attention to when purchasing an inflatable toys? What should I buy? Answer: buy the product process, please in detail after my briefcase, through accounts prepaid 30% deposit first, after the arrival of the goods at your local logistics acceptance will balance into our account, our factory inform the logistics delivery. The mode of transportation of the product, for the logistics sent or bus to send, the buyer of the shipping costs and time can be saved. How the product maintenance? Answer: if feel toy air leakage is larger in need of repair, repair method is simple, just like to repair the bike tires. Only need to use the PVC material we provided and special adhesive to repair, life-long maintenance for free with purchase our products customers with glue, from 80000 to 100000 people within the non-artificial product damage problems, manufacturers free on-site maintenance! What is your products with the raw material? A: our company net PVC inflatable products is to use the new environmental protection material. The forming material is high strength polyester silk warp knitted fabrics, high-quality PVC paste, adopt the method of coating applied to the net on both sides. This kind of material is widely used in the world of gas film materials. Products with: air compressor, repair materials with special glue ( Maintenance material and glue lifetime provided free of charge) This product support size make to order, if you have any style need to be improved, please be sure to provide the relevant pictures. Ask, how long is the service life of the product? A: generally speaking, a piece of equipment can use hundreds of people around. If pay attention to the use environment and the implementation of the normal operation and maintenance, can prolong service life. What is the product characteristics of inflatable toys? 1 inflatable toy investment is small, the fast back. 2 inflatable toy of small volume, easy to handle. 3 well-presented and inflatable toys, novelty 4 products have diversity, fitness puzzle. The other is widely used in a variety of outdoor space! In addition to modelling variety of inflatable toys, there is is more light as he is, the transportation is very convenient, long service life, inflatable toys you need more good maintenance, it can become more reliable.
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