whatsapp status: the really useful feature you don’t even know exists

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-08
As it turns out, the biggest new feature of WhatsApp is very popular and has surpassed Snapchat.
Launched in February, WhatsApp Status imitates Snapchat stories, allowing you to post custom photos and videos that disappear 24 hours later.
It now has 0. 175 billion of its daily users, much more than 0. 161 billion of Snapchat\'s, despite widespread confusion when it was launched earlier this year.
Here\'s how to use WhatsApp status.
WhatsApp adjusts the user interface when launching Status, and Status is treated as a dedicated label above the list of conversations.
To access the status, you can click on the tab or swipe left from the WhatsApp home screen.
You will find a status list on the status screen of the app-just click to watch.
To provide a little feedback on one of your friends\' dinners, please click on the reply at the bottom of the screen when viewing their status.
To post your own status, click the my status button at the top of the status screen or the circle green icon at the bottom right.
You can then take a photo, record a video, or select an existing file from the camera roll.
Once you make the choice, you can personalize it by adding a title, emoji, text, or graphic to it.
You can adjust the size and rotation of the emoji with pinch, resize and rotate the text, and change the color and font of the text.
Click Send when you are happy.
No one who has not saved to the phone address book can access your status.
However, you can control which contacts can be viewed by modifying your privacy settings and which contacts cannot be viewed.
On the status screen, click the menu button in the upper right corner, select status privacy, and then select between my contacts, except. . . . . options.
Unless you have disabled the reading receipt for messages in WhatsApp, you can also see a list of the exact people who have viewed your status. To re-
Enable read receipt, navigate to settings> Accounts> Privacy and check the read receipt box.
Although the status update will automatically disappear after 24 hours, you can delete your status update in advance if you want.
On the status screen, click on the three points next to the my status button, click and hold the update to be deleted, and then click on the delete icon.
You can also mute the status easily to prevent it from appearing at the top of the list on the status screen.
Just tap and hold the update to mute and select mute when the option appears.
To unmute, go to the status screen, scroll down the page to the mute status section, and click and hold the update to unmute.
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