What is the need to be aware of inflatable tent set up?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
What we are seeing tents have been upgraded by the past ordinary tents for inflatable tent, convenient than in the past a lot of in the building, in the past may also need to support by all kinds of stents, now don't need so much support object material, what is the need to be aware of the inflatable tent set up? Inflatable tent set up can say very save time, save trouble for tent frame column structure, compared with general metal stent tents, with light weight, small volume after folding, easy easy to carry, etc. Inflatable tent whether large or small, are 1 - 2 people can be set up, using the high pressure pump form a complete set of inflatable tent, about 100 square meters of inflatable tent can only need 15 minutes, completing and appearance atmosphere, the product itself has a creative, high-end, so is suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, living people, etc. In the inflatable should pay attention to during the process of building structures must be carefully before survey topography, camp above don't have the Rolling Stones, ourselves and the weathered stone, don't near the Banks of the river during the rainy season and the dry bed of tents. For the lightning protection, do not use tents set up in the top of the mountain or in the open fields; Installed in mud or sand, can dig drainage around the tent, ensure that the surface dry covered mainland; Suggestions in the highlands during the tents set up, and be careful to use mud around, conditional usable bricks under the condition of good, prevent wind and rain. That is about the inflatable tent structures, and matters need to pay attention to, the hope to be of help. On an article: a: take your insight into what is relief tent next article: next up: rapid method of tent
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