What is the mode principle and inflatable inflatable 'daruma'

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-19
Inflatable 'daruma' believes that many consumers are played, the use of inflatable 'daruma' is a very good choice. In our childhood, a lot of time will choose to use inflatable kid. Consumers for filling the basic principles of a 'daruma' is also full of the spirit, this time, we to say what is the principle and way of inflatable inflatable tumbler. Common inflatable 'daruma' is generally a sandbag or at the bottom of the water bag, make product fixed on the ground, no matter how to play 'daruma' will not fall on the inflatable toy, there is a special device for the inlet and exhaust our industry is called 'wind tsui or gas nozzle. The inflatable air enters and is produced by a toy. To buy inflatable toys are commonly use mouth to blow air into, this time will be a little bit attention: gas nozzle has a backward valve, a bit like a piston inside, can only be in not out, this is to prevent the blow gas in the gas nozzle cover accidentally missed when open. If it won't charge in gas, usable hand will hold under gas nozzle, squeeze inside the valve to open, so on the air intake is relatively easy light under a heavy object is stable, that is to say, the more stable the lower center of gravity. When the monk erect state in balance, centre of gravity is the minimum distance from the point of contact, the lowest center of gravity. Deviate from the equilibrium position, the center of gravity is always rising. Therefore, the balance of this state is stable equilibrium. So 'daruma' no matter how to swing, always fail. Inflatable 'daruma' is one of the inflatable toys, has overall efficiency very much. When consumer is choosing suitable products, according to their own choice to choose. No matter how the development of society, this kind of inflatable toys or full of tong qu, we should leave our good life, the simple expression of the principle and way of inflatable inflatable tumbler. Welcome to inquire.
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