What filling gas in the inflatable ball the safest

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-03
Inflatable ball in many of the wedding ceremony, kindergartens and other large-scale activities to celebrate the scene is, so you know what inside the inflatable ball filling gas is the most safe and does not affect human health? In fact helium and nitrogen gas are not combustion, are very safe and stable, how to choose the two gases, small make up to you the specific about it! Inflatable ball safety first, need to points of use non-flammable gas filling balloons. Helium inflatable ball belongs to this category, obviously helium burning or combustion, very safe and stable. Actually, of course, in addition to helium, nitrogen inflatable ball is also very safe. Nitrogen and helium gas is flammable, if you don't need empty gone with the wind, with nitrogen inflatable ball apparently more economical and practical. That why helium is the most safe gas, helium gas density of 0. 1786 kg/m3, namely one litre of helium gas quality is 0. 17847 g, it is the smallest of density except hydrogen gas. So when we put the helium balloon filling the aluminum film, also can make our aluminium film balloon rose in the air. The helium is a colorless, tasteless, odourless, inert gas under normal temperature for gas. Here we may not understand what is inert gas, the so-called inertia, English original intention is 'noble', in the English language of inert gas for 'inertgas' or 'noble gas', 'inert' meaning 'lazy', and 'noble' means 'noble', these elements are in order, is associated with aloof, exclusive features, usually under the condition of helium gas not to react with other elements and compounds, because its are known as 'lazy', so we called the inert gas. To sum up, inflatable ball filled with helium is the best selection, children choose to use helium filled with children's toys to play, parents do not have to worry about baby's safety. Here small make up tell everybody helium is non-toxic gas, inhalation of a small amount of helium does not affect the health.
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