\'what century is this?’ shoppers’ outrage over inflatable ‘perfect woman’ on sale in peacocks – and the doll is ‘sexy’ and ‘nag-free’

by:Powerful Toys     2019-08-29
Shocked shoppers blew up shop Peacocks for selling inflatable \"perfect woman\" on the street
Shop and online.
50 cm plastic doll-
Described on the package as \"sexy\" and \"nagging freedom\"
Angered customers who labeled the product as \"women-averse\" and \"shock.
In black crop tops, denim shorts and knees-
High boots, dolls \"like football\", currently halfprice at £2. 50.
The product description on the Peacocks website reads: \"This funny inflatable perfect woman will be a fun prank gift.
This is a great joke with a blown blonde doll inside.
However, many shoppers did not see an interesting side of the disgruntled customer, Soledad Gaona, 38, from Argentina, saying: \"It\'s terrible.
\"It\'s time for people to grow up.
A woman without perfection is like a man without perfection.
Customers are equally angry on social media, and one person wrote on Twitter: \"Considering that most of your customers are women (and it\'s 2018)
How is this appropriate?
Another wrote: \"It\'s disgusting . \"
It was originally a \"family brand\", but it returned to the Daily concept of 1970.
What, \"Dad\'s a little blue \"? Shame on them.
\"The product received only one review online and the buyer was not very happy.
They wrote that giving it three stars is not as big as I thought. .
The doll is about 50 cm tall and has three on Amazon --
Although most complaints are related to scale, not to moral issues.
Amazon also has \"perfect men\" with \"clean and tidy\" and \"never arguing\" peacocks \".
Peacocks with more than 400 stores across the UK say they know about the protests, but the dolls are still on sale.
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