What are the specific advantages for the relief tents

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
In relief, relief camps is in the can't or lack of a kind of relief supplies. Disaster relief tents can be used as a relief command points as well as commander of the stay, but there are a lot of people don't understand the disaster relief tents. 1, good moisture and moisture resistant ( Avoid mildew tents) Good heat preservation, tear resistance and tensile strength is high; Good aging resistance, long service life; Under the gravity as well as the strong winds can safely use two consecutive years. If relief tents installed in a relatively humid zone, can be dug sewers around, so that the loss of moisture, so as to ensure the drying of tent; If you need to relief tent fire to cook, be sure to make fire far from tents, to professional relief tents are, after all, not fire; Will be dispatched orders before, be sure to dry, otherwise it may happen mildew. 2, the size of the relief tent, relatively abundant ( Can have a variety of purposes) Special disaster relief tents for blue, generally can be divided into two dimensions: one is the extended increase, this kind of disaster relief tents can ShengNa about seven people, larger area; 2 it is smaller, the relief tent area is lesser, can accommodate four people around, taking family as the unit can settle in this small tent. In the process of relief tents quantity may be more, according to the function different, have special responsible for disaster relief tents, medical and health this tent is commonly white, if injured, can according to color quickly find a doctor in the tent. A: a: on construction how to build the next tent: next up: no
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