What are the precautions for disaster relief tents set up

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
As everybody knows, as long as where danger, there will be a relief supplies, including many materials in the process of China's aid have tents! For everyone should be learn a lot of relief tents, here small make up will help you to summarize the relief tent structures, matters needing attention. Natural disasters occurred frequently in recent years, new out of a noun: disaster relief tents. Disaster relief tents, also known as civil administration construction tents, tents, dispatched and so on. As a kind of military and civilian universal products commonly used in disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency treatment. Disaster relief tents can be used to outdoors, on the design of its color is not bright, often see only army green and dark blue two kinds. Select the relief tent is the most important is to see how its windproof and waterproof. In FengYuShun it can easily deal with 8 wind and 6 cm thick snow. Should choose when set in an open and flat place, generally 20 minutes can build four completed. When set up relief camps should pay attention to the following: 1, erect and roll-up, don't delay awning in the ground, lest flyblown, cut. 2, after the rain, snow and high winds should check the tent to see if there is water, snow and pull on the rope loose, and should be handled in a timely manner. 3, canopies, components and accessories shall not withdraw it. When opened the package to check whether the various accessories complete. 4, roll-up tents, parts, accessories damage or loss is found, should be timely treatment. 5, when installed in mud or sand, can dig drainage around the military tents, to ensure that the tent on the surface of the mainland and dry. 6, if you need the tent inside the kitchen, be sure to make the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation, cooking people cannot leave the tent, make plans to put out a fire at ordinary times, and install the exhaust fan to eliminate lampblack. Seven, to predict the local wind more than 8, please remove reception tent. In order to avoid unnecessary losses. 8, has dispatched deposit prior to drying tarpaulins, wait for after its recovery and dry, fold to receive and like too late to tarpaulin dry, remember must not far, so as to avoid coloring and mildew. 9, according to the condition of humidity and local climate, regular air basks in tarpaulins, lest the bacterium, disaster relief tents rain coat would be damaged. Erection and roll-up, don't delay sail on the ground, lest flyblown, cut. More than relief tent structures, matters needing attention are introduced for everybody, no matter in your side have any disaster, for these are just a good look at all, because an accident don't know what time will come, so only reserve the corresponding knowledge is helpful to himself, so everyone have a good look at these knowledge for it. A: a: on disaster relief tents what next article: next: the selection method of relief tents, you get here?
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