What are the precautions for construction of the tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
In the building construction tent can understand relevant considerations, building skills, able to complete set up a short time, simple and quick. Adopt the principle of structural mechanics design framework construction tents, using the tensile strength of the external and internal support frame combination hold up tent, guarantee the stability of the tents. You need to pay attention to you when you use engineering tent which aspects to make it more durable strong? Outdoor work, set construction tent has become people to have a rest place, only keeping the dry inside the tent can relieve the exhaustion of the body. Stationed choice is the key, select flat open area as the sleeping camp can quickly eliminate the extra rain. General stationed select mud or sand, through digging drainage around the tent, avoiding excessive accumulation of rainwater influence dry feeling inside the tent. When building construction tent wear the skeleton into the corresponding parts, and strengthen fixed in the connection place. For engineering tents, can be installed in the top of the tent, first install herringbone beam, and then pull zipper, then good tent frame, finally with greenhouses cloth cover. After completing these steps, and then plug the two poling of tents, install ground beam tube. With rope fixed tents round Angle and finally tied to the weight and the nail for reinforcement, to prevent the outdoor weather affect the use of the tents. When we use for construction tent is finished, to put it to dry before laying away. Folding before you let it in the sun for a period of time, to dry fully before laying away. Engineering tent completely dry, if you can't wait for a short time after must take out to dry, prevent mildew and color, bacterium corrosion tarpaulin. A: a: on the body of the large inflatable tent composition structure is introduced in the next article: next up: disaster relief tents set up method
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