What are the performance USES, relief tent security considerations

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Actually everyone is familiar for tent, the tent is divided into several kinds, including construction tents, relief tents, etc. I do not know for construction tents are what we use and safety note, here small make up for everybody to summarize relevant knowledge. Disaster relief tents gas column frame structure with polyester fabric with PVC coating, inflatable tent with thermal bonding or adhesive bonding forming has a high tensile strength, good air tightness, light weight, convenient to carry. A, disaster relief tents for use in disaster relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary buildings, relief supplies transit storage and the use of staff accommodation. Second, relief tent structures, simple and easy to remove the comparison, the performance you can install or remove in a very short period of time, to save your precious time. Better heat preservation sex and inflatable tent is made of high quality PVC tarpaulin, tear resistance, better tensile strength, better aging resistance, long service life. Under and eight grade wind load safe use, service life is 2 years in a row. 3, 1, security considerations in mud or sand when installation, can be dug sewers around the military tents, to ensure that the tent on the surface of the mainland and dry. 2, if you need the tent inside the kitchen, be sure to make the flame away from the tent or use fire prevention board isolation, cooking people cannot leave the tent, make plans to put out a fire at ordinary times, and install the exhaust fan to eliminate lampblack. 3, to predict the local wind more than 8, please remove reception tent. In order to avoid unnecessary losses. 4, has dispatched deposit prior to drying tarpaulins, wait for after its recovery and dry, fold to receive and like too late to tarpaulin dry, remember must not far, so as to avoid coloring and mildew. 5, according to the condition of humidity and local climate, air basks regularly tarpaulins, lest the bacterium, disaster relief tents rain coat would be damaged. Erection and roll-up, don't delay sail on the ground, lest flyblown, cut. ( 1) After the rain, snow and high winds should check the tent to see if there is water, snow and pull on the rope loose, and should be handled in a timely manner. ( 2) Awning components and accessories shall not withdraw do it with. ( 3) Roll-up tents, parts, accessories damage or loss is found, should be timely treatment. These knowledge is about the performance of the disaster relief tents, installation considerations, I don't know everyone learned after watching what knowledge, these knowledge for not too familiar with the construction of the tent you are of great help, so everyone have a good look for these knowledge. On a story: a: the purpose of the inflatable tent, using method and maintenance matters next article: next up: disaster relief tents in the use of the matters needing attention
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