What are the characteristics of engineering tent?

by:Powerful Toys     2021-01-20

tent using the principle of structural mechanics design framework, make skeleton has certain rigidity, because of its good stability by the choice of more people. Popular used by engineering tent skeleton strength size determines the bearing size of tent, fine fabric tent determines its has the characteristics of thermal insulation, air permeability and ageing resistance. Let us to learn more about its features:

first, thermal insulation,

professional engineering tents by adopting the combination of adhesive bonding and high frequency thermal bonding process, pillar soft, toughness, and take a composite processing tent production and inner layer and the aluminum foil heat insulation layer formation, the lateral use waterproof coating. Such a mode of production to have good waterproof engineering tents, under the sun shine for a long period of time, the inside of the tent people are not feel troubles brought by the high temperature.

second, permeability is

tent has a good waterproof performance, in order to make project in tents on the composition of the increased thickness of tarpaulins, stop the rain into inside the tent. Also consider the air flows at the same time, in the tent to use take the linen fabric and cotton, they are soft and has fine pores, can let the tent inside and outside air fully exchanged. Finally will be waterproof coating evenly daub is on tarpaulins, while maintaining the permeability is also hindered the intrusion of the rain.

third, aging resistance,

in order to prolong the service life of engineering of the tent, the tent production to join in the process of polymer fiber and vinyl polymers, aging resistant agent, will be the fusion of compound smear evenly on the surface of tarpaulins, reducing the occurrence of the rupture of tarpaulins, enhances the tarpaulin toughness, make it more soft, when folded to reduce the damage to the tent inside fiber, increasing the use of the number.

the above is what engineering tent has the characteristics of good thermal insulation, air permeability, aging resistance and other characteristics make it played a great role in the outdoor project, ensure the workers' living conditions. Even in the harsh outdoor environment, can reduce the degree of wear and tear tents, convenient people continue to use in the future work.
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