What are the benefits of inflatable tent?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Contemporary society people pursue more is a high quality of life, so people often do some outdoor activities are also common occurance. But you need to use when I was in the outdoor travel inflatable tents, inflatable tent is highly welcome lovers of camping outdoor facilities. Its biggest advantage is convenient disassembly, which is widely admired. So what are the benefits of inflatable tent? The general requirements of inflatable tent is light weight, simple assembly and supporting rigid long time stability, speed, water proofing property is good, use comfortable, convenient maintenance, long service life, special, good adaptability to the environment. Its products are generally adopt the principle of structural mechanics design framework, by making use of the characteristics of gas pressure gasbag swell form has certain rigid cylinder, through the organic combination of propping up the skeleton of inflatable tent. As the skeleton material strength size, can set up a tent bearing size; Using polymer coating performance, decides the service life of the framework and frame rigidity to maintain; And the rationality of the air chamber is set, it determines the framework of limit. Products by adopting the combination of adhesive bonding and high frequency thermal bonding process, the air column using the high strength polyester yarn net cloth ( Imported gas gathering) With waterproof, anti-uv, tarpaulin material,. Has quick molding, high strength, fire, mouldproof, anti-uv, moisture and other optimal point. Tents for inflatable tent, tent for column frame structure, compared with general metal stent tents, with light weight, small volume after folding convenient, easy to carry, etc. Advantages: 1, to build simple - No technical content, normal people can independently, simply use until the inflatable tent up, time is about 2 - 10 minutes, according to the size of the inflatable tent and inflatable tent of pneumatic tools, such as: 5 square meter inflatable tent, using pedal inflator pump, inflatable for about three minutes, using electric inflator pump, inflatable for around 30 seconds; 2, convenient packaging - No technical content, normal people can independently, only natural deflated, use of electric pump air suction dual-use suction function, the inflatable tent inspiratory until the air column has no obvious gas inside, and then roll up packaging; 3, easy to carry Can be placed in the car in the back seat and trunk; 4, - service life Minimum can use more than 5 years, maintain the good use of more than 10 years, is so durable. Disadvantages: 1, the price is About 2 times expensive than normal metal tent price; 2, such as forgotten inflator pump, inflatable tent will not be able to use; 3, such as man-made destruction or other reasons cause gas leakage, need to use the figure jovan professional glue the patch; Through the above content is bound to let everybody to understand the benefits of the inflatable tent, hope can choose for those who want to outdoor tent you provide. If you like welcome to forward this article small make up and thumb up oh, your support is the recognition of small make up the work. A: a: on the installation of the disaster relief tents next article: next up: outdoor tents, what are the categories?
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