We need to pay attention to before the tent?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-10
Because of its portability and simplicity and acclaimed relief tent, as the temporary structures for disaster relief in simple dwellings, normally used for disaster relief command and medical aid and storing and so on. Relief tents in the case of with good materials and a variety of functions, relevant personnel also to pay more attention to many points before, in order to avoid accidents. 1, choose appropriate regional structures, the affected area often harsh relief tents, rugged terrain. Choose as far as possible when disaster relief tents set up regional selection of terrain is relatively flat, dry, high location of the affected area. Covers an area of large installation process on the one hand, relief tents, the installation of the appropriate area for composite parts for installation. Reasonable topography condition, on the other hand, the ground of the tent area can be a greater degree of utilization. 2, according to the instructions set up tents disaster coming right always off guard, in strict accordance with the specifications and the correct assembly of steps to set up tents, to a greater extent, play the practicability of relief tents. If fixed, not only easy to cause cannot be put in stable tent by the wind to blow, and the decomposition of the scattered parts will fall, hurt and check-in staff, there are more parts blown away cause waste of resources, so as far as possible according to the right way, to ensure the safety of relief tents. 3, according to the environmental changes to reinforce disaster relief tents changeable weather conditions and secondary disasters come at any time, for the stability of the disaster relief tents are a great test. The affected area because of geological changes may cause the small area of sudden rejuvenation-a shift in weather conditions. If the environment changes, the observed tent then safety inspections for disaster relief tent, reasonable reinforcement, and adopt appropriate methods to withstand strong wind can make tents greater extent, such as bad weather, prolong service life. Together, decades of professional in the field of disaster relief tents can provide good emergency shelter and safe shelter, but the premise is that it can get the right combination reasonable installation and maintenance. Must be carefully check before check-in tents tents by region and by put the elements such as steps and the surrounding environment, ensure the safety of personnel and supplies more play to the role of relief tents in rescue and relief. A: a: on disaster relief tents in the disaster relief has which USES the next, next up: chooses, should pay attention to what military tents
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