Water recreation industry extended industry chain, mobile water park is promising

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-17
Water recreation industry extension industry chain is promising in recent years, mobile water park, water recreation industry in our country the problems and challenges. In addition to the summer water recreation sites in short supply, water place need large amount of construction cost and maintenance cost has also become the indisputable fact that, aquatic amusement equipment production enterprise dedicated to the transformation and upgrading, it is imperative to seek new economic growth point. In this situation, the aquatic amusement industry chain extension ascendant, inflatable castle many aquatic amusement manufacturers move eyes were transferred to the water park equipment production. Mobile water park as emerging industry of water recreation industry, from the market after the introduction of domestic and abroad since 2008 has caused great repercussions, by the operators and play people of all ages. At present, the domestic some large-scale amusement equipment manufacturers, such as city amusement equipment co. , LTD. Has been entering the mobile water park industry, and became the commanding heights of the enterprise economic growth, the results obtained substantial! City amusement equipment co. , LTD. , is based on the production of large inflatable amusement equipment for twenty years, the use of its own in the production of inflatable amusement equipment and technology advantages, more mobile water park equipment research and development and production, has the very high place in the industry, vigorously promote the development of the aquatic amusement industry in our country. In terms of extending the industrial chain, every year a large number of new water park equipment, at the same time also will become the industry pacesetter, has been to imitate, but have never been surpassed. Now the years of ice and snow world, monster hit, such as beer, water slides, the unique appearance design and rich play for the visitors to the endless fun. Most notably or swimming pool for stent improvements in production technology and production technology, greatly improved the stability and safety of stent pool, become the industry's first!
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