watch: inflatable toys delay game as fc copenhagen celebrate title

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-23
On Sunday, the Danish Premier League at home at the Copenhagen football club against sandgesk had to be suspended as their fans threw inflatable toys on the pitch to celebrate the game.
Copenhagen celebrated their 12 title titles in a pleasant way, planning a stadium invasion at the pacen Stadium.
The club\'s fans have a tradition of throwing inflatable beach balls and animals in the 13 minutes of the last game --Win the season.
The result is a pretty colorful scene.
As you can see from the video.
However, this is not the most famous inflatable football event.
When Darren Bent played for Sunderland in the Premier League match with Liverpool, he firmly grasped the label.
The Black Cat went on as Bent\'s shot was allowed to stand after straying from the beach ball. It was 16-year-
Old Callum Campbell
Liverpool fans-
He admitted that he was responsible for throwing the beach ball on the court.
Thankfully, the Danish scene is less dramatic.
But it\'s still interesting.
Click on the video to watch fans take a bath on the court with an inflatable device.
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