Want to know 3 points exactly what are the unique inflatable tent

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Metal stents curtains needs many people set up, set up a long time, and the curtains, the greater the demand of people, the more the longer the time also. Product use adhesive bonding and the combination of high frequency thermal bonding process yield, gas column choose PVC coated fabric, tarpaulins to choose waterproof, anti-ultraviolet radiation data. Has quick molding, high strength, fire, mouldproof, anti-uv, moisture and other advantages. Curtains for inflatable curtains, curtains for column frame structure, compared with general metal stents curtains, with light weight, small volume after folding, convenient easy carrying. The same on the volume of curtains, metal framework curtains, because of the existence of the iron pipe bracket, not comfortable packaging; And iron pipe bracket length is longer, usually lead to smaller vehicles will can't let go in, on the transport, so we must choose the larger vehicles. And air curtains, because is the software, inflatable keel, and the air column can be folded after deflated; Such planning make curtains after the use, it can be folded, occupy only a small volume, can easily add to the small family vehicles and general inside the vehicle. Transport is very convenient. Metal stents curtains because using the iron pipe as scaffolds, so its weight is big, this will bring to transport and mobile. Especially in the area, the greater the curtains, the more use of stents, and followed the curtains area increases, the load demand is bigger, which creates a support bearing components are added, the corresponding will also apply to iron pipe wall thickness greater, the weight of the curtains is bigger. And air curtains for inflatable keel, able to fold, and the structure of the iron pipe bracket metal curtains to compared commonly said, weight significantly lighter and so on transport is also relatively simple. On one: a: why do you say it is very important to medical tent is complete supporting facilities? The next article: next: about outdoor tourism tents little skill you have learned
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