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voice teacher and artist shares healing power of body, breath and voice

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-11
When asked what she did, Traci Foster said it was almost impossible to explain.
However, she thought it was something that saved her life.
\"It\'s quite dramatic, but for myself, I\'m very confident that I wouldn\'t be here today if it weren\'t for this work,\" Foster said . \".
Professor Foster \"works with body, breath and sound \".
For singers, actors, artists, dancers, musicians, writers, public speakers, therapists, ceo, etc, this is a way to release and expand one\'s voice and creativity.
But the work does more, including helping a person reconnect the \"natural healing mechanism of the body to reduce stress, increase flexibility and release tension --
Physical, mental, and emotional.
On Saturday, Foster hosted a workshop called \"Being listened: body, breath, sound workshop with Traci Foster, thousands of free events and performances hosted by artists are cultural organizations and cities across Canada.
\"When I really started watching this work, I was about 21 years old, after a huge tragedy in my life,\" Foster said . \"
Foster was closed when her brother died.
\"Everything is shutting down, and there is no specific statement about what is wrong in medicine other than the level of anxiety,\" she said . \".
\"Being highly vigilant, fighting and flying out of control, everything is affected.
\"She can\'t breathe at ease unless she\'s drunk.
Her night is haunted by nightmares and she wakes up from bumps and tension.
Body, breathing and sound work have changed all this.
Focus on regulating the nervous system by being present in your body, an approach designed to allow breathing to flow while performing \"dynamic efforts\" such as body movements or postures.
During the workshop, for example, Foster asked participants to practice keeping the breathing stream while walking and shaking.
\"This is the connection between the true understanding of the mind (
The soul, mind, or spirit of man)and soma (
Body perceived from the inside)
\"How can we creatively make the two more interactive and aware of each other through our voices and bodies,\" Foster said . \".
The workshop is practice-centric, combining the adaptation of classical speech training techniques with modifications in yoga, finger pressure, bioenergology, energy work, and other disciplines.
\"It interrupts the pattern of anxiety, or the pattern of maintaining and tension,\" Foster said . \".
\"It really helps to deactivate and stabilize --so, ground —
While people are having fun
\"Her training allowed her to learn, write and use her attention and concentration in different ways.
Instead of experiencing a high degree of vigilance
An enhanced state of sensory sensitivity that can cause anxiety --
She says she has been learning to reverse this trend by working.
\"I still live in a fairly sensitive nervous system that can be triggered very quickly, but I have the ability to deal with and manage these things through the body, Foster said: \"Breathing and sound work mainly. \" He has some disabilities.
Foster is also the founder of the community art organization listening to diss, which is committed to becoming a sustainable, inclusive, cross-cutting
Regina\'s capacity organization and community, responsible for practices, projects, programming and performance.
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