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by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-02
South Africa\'s best racers and riders will compete in the final round of the national limit festival in Killani on Saturday.
At the top of Sasol\'s global travel car rankings, the Engen Audi A3 in the hands of current champion leader Michael Stephen will be everyone\'s target.
But while Stephen is no doubt quick, it was his Audi teammate Simon Moss who led him across the line at the April Killani Festival meeting.
Another driver who could be upset is John Fuli, a number of former RV champions, who will have a home court advantage in the EPS express service BMW 2 Series.
Fourie has been in good shape recently and this is probably his highlight.
Then Gennaro Bonafede (
BMW 2 Series Sasso)
Matthew HodgesVW Jetta 2L)
Is another pair of people who can challenge the coveted Plaid flag. The single-
There is also an interesting angle for the two-seat investeem Formula 1600 class.
Here, while Stuart White of Free State has dominated the Champion Chase so far, there may be a small cloud on his horizon, because Killani teenager Joshua dolinshek caused a stir on his recent regional outing.
Dealing with White and the two of them on the wheel of the same Mygale racer could be a bridge too far away, but it would be interesting to see how he performed at the exalted company.
The biggest entry received is-
21 skrik with young riders-vir-
Niks \"will go all out.
But while Jeffrey Kruger made a lot of money in this competition, the female driver Tasmin Peper, who is currently leading the master class, ranks third in the overall points rankings, on her last visit to the Cape, a new Polo Cup circle record was set.
Killani is her favorite tour and she may be surprised on Saturday.
Pirelli sports and GT cars will also be held, along with Mike\'s club bar.
Motorcycle fans will be able to look forward to the Red Square Kawasaki Masters Cup and Bridgestone Thunder bike race.
In addition, home entertainment will be emphasized, and South Africa\'s top spiritual scholar, Larry sauver, will travel around the track without sight and eye mask.
Carnival entertainment includes live music from the Coca-Cola stage next to the club.
The club will also have a large airbag jump, parachute rocket, live snake show and a huge outdoor screen to showcase racing cars in other areas of the track.
\"Korbroeke\" will be able to cross the pedal-
Go Karting, drive a Mini bumper car, or play in the children\'s Korner under the watchful eyes of experienced child care personnel.
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