Using canvas tent matters needing attention

by:Powerful Toys     2021-01-20

canvas tent because of its characteristics such as stability, abrasion resistance, permeability are popular with more travel enthusiasts. These travel enthusiasts choose canvas tents for more comfortable living conditions, the use of the tent also need to pay attention to some matters needing attention in the process, let the tent can be used for a long time. These are tent to use the matters needing attention in the process of can let people in use process reduce errors.

first, tents set up location

although the thickness of the canvas to block wind and rain, but in order to make insurance the tent's location is also cannot be ignored. Tent flat location should be in an open area, entrance should back tuyere, relatively dry ground, when we have thin lawn area as the best location location. If the ground slope, export elected in XiaPoChu, facilitate trenching ruled out excess water.

second, determine the tent support distance

in the tent, should be fixed position of the four corners of the tent, the tent floor tile on the floor and fastened. Easy operation of canvas tents added waterproof mat on the ground, reduce the water seepage due to surface moisture. Support outside account, connect the canopy together and strengthen fixed in the interface, pull the distance onto the outer tent outside account, to achieve the best waterproof effect. Finally will canvas tent skirt with sand or soil pressure is good, again land fixed nail the leash, regulate all aspects of the stress level.

third, check the tents around

in order to prevent insect ant bites, after completing the tent, can be in the tents with small stones around in a circle, around the stone and insect-resistant ant powder. To reduce the number of water penetration, around the canvas tents along the cutoff ditches outside account point of view, when it rains the water discharge smoothly.

that's canvas tent use process should pay attention to matters needing attention, determine the tent's location can greatly increase the windproof, waterproof effect; The appropriate support distance can make tent to receive strength evenly in every Angle, increase the stability of the tent; Around the tent completes the protective measures, using the best countermeasures dealing with.
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