Use relief tent need to pay attention to

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Relief tent is used for relief command, post-disaster emergency medical treatment, temporary accommodation buildings, relief supplies transit storage and personnel to use a temporary building. Because tent meaning and function of this nature is special, so not only requires the use of high quality tents, so in use process should pay attention to many places. 1, when set up tents, attention should be paid to choose a relatively dry flat and stay away from dangerous ground to build, moreover if tents set up in snow weather later, that in bad weather such as rain or snow stopped after must pay attention to check whether there is water at the top of the tent, snow and pull on the rope loose condition, if you have to handle in time. 2, when using professional relief tents, attention should be paid to strengthen the stability of the tent, therefore, should be reasonable use rope and to nail fixed on it, at the same time, if it is used in strong wind environment, pay attention to choose a relatively sheltered places to set up tents, while also using sandbags topped the weight to the tents for reinforcement. 3, if the relief workplace environment wet with water, use of relief tents, completes the moistureproof and drainage measures, will pay attention to can dig a drainage around the tent, avoid too humid conditions cause damage to disaster relief tents in the disaster relief supplies. Above these points is the problems requiring attention in the use of relief tents, to the relief is because of the bad natural environment for the local people caused extensive damage, in order to ensure that tent good using effect, we must pay attention to these points to introduce the above matters. A: a: on inflatable tent damage leakage how to deal with the next article: next up: how to distinguish between construction tent is good or bad
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