uk weather: \'stark contrast\' ahead as wet and windy weekend looms

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-24
After intense thunderstorms brought the heat wave to a dramatic end in the UK, the weather bureau issued a series of weather warnings as the weather became wet and windy.
The thunderstorm yellow alert in parts of Scotland continued until two o\'clock P. M. on Saturday, while the rain yellow alert in most parts of Northern Ireland took effect between six o\'clock A. M. and four o\'clock P. M.
Early Sunday morning, there will be yellow warnings of rain and wind in parts of Wales and southern England.
Will Lang, chief meteorologist at the Meteorological Bureau, said: \"Although Saturday is a pleasant but relaxed day in many places, on Sunday, we will have a humid and windy day, this is in sharp contrast to the recent typical situation.
\"We have issued weather warnings for the effects of storms in southwest England and southern Wales.
\"It is expected that the South Wind will wind at a speed of 40 miles per hour --
Up to 50 miles on the bare coast and mountains per hour
The buleken lighthouse and parts of Dartmoor may have up to 80mm of rain.
On Friday, with strong storms, hail, floods and lightning, amber warnings appeared across England.
The alert has expired.
The downpour was welcomed by some as they introduced cooler conditions after a series of recordsbreaking highs.
Thursday was Britain\'s highest temperature since 2015, 35. 5C (95. 5F)
Recorded in Kent, after the temperature was early to mid
More than 30 years in a row.
As things change over the next few hours, RNLI urges the public to act cautiously.
Community Safety Manager Tony vihua said: \"If you are going to the coast this weekend, please find out where your nearest lifeguard beach is and ask the lifeguard for advice on the conditions, especially if you\'re going into the water.
\"This summer, RNLI lifeboats and lifeguards rescued inflatable devices four times as many times as they did last year.
\"Police forces have also responded to events in which people have encountered difficulties swimming in rivers and lakes.
Police in the Thames Valley say the body of a man has been found in the Jubilee River in slau, adding that his death was not considered suspicious.
Police in Warwickshire say they are searching for a 17-person first aid workeryear-
The old boy who disappeared after the quarry lake in trouble near Limington Springs has found a body.
Essex Police are still searching. year-
On Thursday night, after the last discovery in the water near the cracton Pier, the old boy still missing.
Meanwhile, Bedford\'s emergency services department is looking for a man who was in trouble on Friday afternoon on the big USI River.
Friday\'s downpour triggered traffic disruptions on roads and railways
As drivers face flash floods and train passengers are urged to avoid traveling after lightning damages the signal system.
The mix of toxic air, extreme heat, emissions from the continent and insufficient cloud cover also led to a \"high\" pollution alert in London.
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