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two malaysian deaths linked to defective car airbags

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-13
Kuala Lumpur: auto maker Honda has announced that two people have died in Malaysia after the explosion of an airbag inflator produced by Japan\'s Takada, in a scandal that led to the largest recall of cars in U. S. history, the number of car recalls worldwide has increased to 13. Tokyo-
The US-based auto parts giant Takata is working on a bug that sends metal and plastic from the inflatable barrel to drivers and passengers when the airbag is unfolded
In some cases, this defect is considered a fatal and terrible injury.
The most recent deaths occurred in Sabah and Jeddah on April.
Honda Malaysia said in a statement yesterday: \"Honda has confirmed that Takada\'s first-class driver\'s airbag inflator broke down in two accidents in Malaysia on April and respectively.
\"Both accidents have resulted in the tragic death of the driver,\" the company said, adding that the official cause of death involving Honda City cars has not yet been determined.
The auto giant also said it had issued a Honda City car recall notice on 2014 and 2015 asking for a replacement of the driver\'s former airbag inflator.
On 2014, a pregnant Malaysian and her unborn baby died in the event of a malfunction in the Takada airbag.
About 50 million Takata airbags were recalled worldwide, including about 29 million in the United States, and regulators said they expected 35 more and 40 million more airbags to be added to the list. —
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