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trump family to get red-carpet royal treatment on uk visit

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-07
This is a unique couple: 93-year-
The old monarch has been sticking to her point of view during her long reign and she is hosting a 72-year-
Old reality star-turned-
He posted uncensored ideas to 60 million followers every day.
For Britain\'s unhurried Queen Elizabeth II, the arrival of the United StatesS.
President Donald Trump, his family and his armored entourage held a full-day ceremony and toast at Buckingham Palace on Monday.
However, there are many differences behind the pomp and ceremony.
On Monday afternoon, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will hold a formal tea party for Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, bringing together a future king, he has been warning about the dangers of climate change for years, and a president is actively disbanding the United States. S.
Policies aimed at slowing global warming.
On the political front, Trump met with British Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday, just a few days before she stepped down as Conservative leader on Friday, starting her campaign to succeed her as prime minister.
Trump has expressed friendship for May, but he has been harshly criticizing her for dealing with the way Britain has negotiated with the EU\'s tortured Brexit.
He also compromised with former foreign minister Boris Johnson and British leader Nigel Farage, who accused May of incompetence and betrayal.
By telling the Sunday Times that Britain should \"give up\" negotiations and refuse to pay 39 billion ($49 billion)
Divorce bill if the EU does not have better terms.
He also said Farage should play a role in Brexit negotiations.
Officials on both sides of the Atlantic said,
The postponed state visit will celebrate the vaunted \"special relationship\" between Britain and the United States \". S.
It was scheduled for a solemn ceremony in Britain and France on Wednesday and Thursday to commemorate D-Day invasion.
Nevertheless, the topic of Trump\'s visit to the UK has been very divided, as may issued an invitation during the first week of the Trump administration\'s visit to the Oval Office on behalf of the Queen.
The move sparked street protests in the UK, an online petition signed by more than 1 million people opposed the idea, and Parliament debated whether Trump should receive the highest honor granted by Britain to foreign leaders.
London Mayor Sadik Khan wrote in The Observer on Sunday that Trump\'s presidency is part of a global evil trend.
He said Trump should not be red
Carpet treatment during his visit.
\"President Donald Trump is just one of the most shocking examples of the growing global threat,\" said Khan, a target that Trump has frequently attacked.
\"The far right is rising around the world, threatening our hard --
For more than 70 years, we have won the rights and freedoms and values of a free, democratic society.
\"Before Trump was elected president, the British Parliament had a heated debate about whether to ban him from coming to the United States. K.
Because he made stern comments about the temporary ban on Muslims from entering the United States.
Last summer, Trump\'s brief UK work visit sparked massive protests on the streets of London, despite Trump\'s stay --literally —
Rely on helicopters to move around and get out of trouble.
The July visit also marked the debut of the \"Trump baby balloon\", an inflatable concept art depicting the president as a baby in diapers.
At the time, Labor MP David Lamy tweeted that Trump was a \"racist\" who hated the fact that Londoners elected Khan as the first Muslim mayor.
Lamy said Trump \"does not deserve to see our Queen.
\"The majority of this visit will be devoted to social activities and D-
But some serious topics remain to be discussed, including the Trump administration\'s insistence on Britain\'s reliance on Chinese tech giant Huawei to build part of the 5g communications network.
S. National Security Adviser John Bolton told reporters ahead of Trump\'s arrival that allowing this could give the Chinese government access to the \"back door\" of Western telecoms systems \".
A state visit is a relatively rare honor for the United States. S.
President: Only Barack Obama and George W in 2011.
In 2003, Bush received a coveted invitation, based on advice from British foreign ministry officials, not the Queen\'s whim.
However, she met 12 out of 13 people in the United States. S.
The president at 67.
This is the longest year in British history.
The only exception is Lyndon Johnson.
Some of the traditional costumes of the official state visit may be reduced. It\'s usually a horse.
The horse-drawn procession brought the visiting guests to Buckingham Palace, escorted by cavalry, and paid tribute to them with guns from the Green Garden and the Tower of London.
Officials did not say whether this would happen this time, probably because of security concerns.
The president and first lady do not intend to be at Buckingham Palace, where national tourists usually propose, apparently due to the beginning of the renovation of the Queen 775
Formal residence.
They will be staying at Winfield House, a spacious home in the United States. S.
Ambassador to the UK
The Trump couple and their adult children are expected to meet with royal members of the younger generation, including future King William and his wife Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.
Prince Harry will also meet with ace figures, but his wife Megan, the Duchess of Sussex, is expected to stay at home with their newborn son Archie.
Megan, a former American actress, has been running for women\'s rights. She was critical of Trump and supported Hillary Clinton before she married the British royal family.
She has not resumed her official duties since giving birth four weeks ago.
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