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Travel to relax equipment required inflatable sofa

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-12
After a week's busy, about a few friends travel together, can let our body and mind to relax, an inflatable sofa is put in the trunk, road after good gas blowing, can enjoy anytime and anywhere. Inflatable sofa is through pressure, let the gas into the sofa, generally with PVC inflatable products as raw materials, as well as principle of blowing balloons, without other tools, easily. Traditional furniture sofa is big and heavy, a few people don't necessarily have to lift, let alone bring when you travel, is good to be true. Appear changed the status quo of inflatable sofa, inflatable sofa of small size, convenient to carry and not occupy a space. Carefully designed internal advection breathable groove, keep the mattress fashionable appearance at the same time, guarantee the retainer force of sofa, the row of airbag stereo bladder can according to different body parts share the pressure, degree of hardness and softness ISPA international bedding standard completely. At present, the inflatable sofa is designed to be a variety of styles, football, animals, such as cartoon shape, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, is the tourism industry to be bestowed favor on newly. Inflatable sofa also can be used on the water, as a professional manufacturer of inflatable toys, all kinds of inflatable toys with the children's growth, safe and practical, and easy to carry, is not equipped with a product.
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