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transforming lives in india\'s manufacturing hubs

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-24
In the evening, Sujitha Rajendrababu helped her mother in her kitchen to make puris, an Indian breadbedroom flat.
During the day, she is an assistant engineer leading a team of 10 people to make parts for Renault
Nissan Motor Alliance
Like thousands of people all over India, sugisha
A developed village of southern India on the outskirts of Chennai (Madras)
Changed her life.
\"My hometown is a small village called Kizhattur.
\"There is not even the right transportation there,\" Sujitha said . \".
\"Because I grew up in that situation, I knew I had to study hard and get a job.
That\'s what she did.
Although this is against the will of the family who wants her to get married and settle down.
Sujitha got his diploma when Renault-
Nissan, who advertised for a junior engineer five years ago, seized the opportunity.
\"I can\'t even imagine what I would do if I didn\'t work in this factory.
\"Maybe I will do some small work on the farm in the village,\" she said.
\"I just want to make ends meet.
\"Nissan and Renault are two of several international automakers who have opened stores outside Chennai in the past 10 years.
Today, the region, known as Detroit, Asia, is a thriving manufacturing hub that produces cars for export and domestic markets.
India produces about 24 million cars a year, almost the fifth in the region of Tamil Nadu.
\"We have seen many other automakers build factories in the state, which helps us attract and help local suppliers to relocate and build factories in Tamil Nadu,\" said Colin McDonald, managing director of RenaultNissan.
\"Starting from 2010, we have about 15% suppliers in the Tamil Nadu region.
We are now working with 60% Indian suppliers in Tamil Nadu.
So this is huge from an employment perspective.
\"Job creation is at the heart of Prime Minister Narendra Modi\'s\" make \"campaign in India, an effort to promote inclusive growth in the country.
Modi has promised foreign players that he will make it easier to do business in India.
But more than two years after taking office, after a series of policies, the unemployment rate reached five-year high.
According to a recent survey by the Indian government, about 77% of Indian households do not have a fixed salary or paid person, so life is not improving fast enough for many people.
Nevertheless, success in places like Chennai shows that India remains attractive to foreign companies.
Now, the region has become a hub for cars and costs.
Effective raw materials can be purchased.
Less than 100 km m from the port, easy exit of imported parts and exported products.
The labor force is also cheap.
Growth in the domestic market will only increase the attractiveness of India.
\"Today, only 20 of India\'s 1,000 people own a car, but we expect this number to grow significantly in the next five years, and we expect the market to reach 5 million by 2020, make India the third largest market in the world. \"
For Sujitha Rajendrababu, having a car one day is more a reality than a dream.
\"This job makes me dream of becoming a reality in the future.
I don\'t know how to express this.
\"As the daughter of a farmer, she has used the money she earned to buy a fridge, a TV, some jewelry, and even a holiday all over India.
But her ambition is more than that. \"My long-
The goal of the semester is to be the manager of the stamping workshop.
Not only do I want to be the manager of the stamping workshop, but I also want to be the manager of this organization.
\"She has the same requirements for people like her.
\"A lot of people in our village asked me if I could help them find a job for their children.
This makes me proud.
\"On Thursday, October 6, the BBC will cover the impact of globalization on people\'s lives and the movement against free trade from all over the world.
There will be special reports on television, radio and the Internet.
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