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trampoline parks co-founder: \'our livelihoods were on the line\'

by:Powerful Toys     2019-11-29
Entrepreneur Michael Harrison and Harvey Jenkinson have a reality show to thank them for the spark of inspiration for launching a series of trampoline parks in the UK.
Jenkinson and his wife found one in a episode of Real Housewives in Orange County
End sailing in the Caribbean.
The couple, keen on career change, began changing the high seas to trampoline springs.
Jenkinson video called his close friend Harrison from the deck of the ship he was working on.
\"I remember that because Harvey was wearing sunglasses and there was a clear blue sky behind him, and I was in a leaking bar on a cold, gray day,\" Harrison explained ,\". People who like this idea
Gravity Trampoline Park Limited
The founder dates back to a long time ago-Harrison was born at a tourist fair until the age of 12, and his family settled down in the town of Bridlington off the coast of Yorkshire, setting up an interesting Park and
\"There is a short season;
A long and harsh winter;
Frugal Yorkshire people, so if you can do it, you can do it anywhere, \"joked the business owners who dropped out of school to deal with family businesses.
\"My life is all about a long way to go for a pound.
Jenkinson and his father work next door to drive a speedboat for tourists.
At the age of 18, he went abroad to do the captain of the luxury sailing boat.
Ten years later in 2014, some of the best businesses in Orange County provided some business inspiration.
Not sure how to turn their ideas into reality
The founder sought some expert advice and initial funding from Jenkinson\'s friend, Simon whitegel. The ex-
The restructuring partner of KPMG (KPMG) only took out enough cash to help the two build their first Park.
Within a few weeks, the three business partners had a company name, Gravity, and started looking for a website.
\"We took a chance,\" Harrison explained . \".
\"Harvey and I sold our car and put everything we had into this idea.
\"The first job for the two was to convince commercial real estate company Land Securities to give them a unit at Xscape Yorkshire, a large leisure complex in casterford.
\"Their executives asked us why they should give two people apart from business cards a chance,\" Harrison said . \".
\"Our answer is that our livelihood is at stake, so we have to make it work anyway.
This enthusiasm ensures the safety of the unit. Its co-
The founder had to spend limited money on work.
\"We did everything ourselves,\" Harrison recalls . \".
\"To clear 220 tons of reinforced concrete, we ordered a lot of skips buckets and some Jacks.
They laid the floor and erected the wall, and the rest agreed: \"We did not go home some days;
We slept at the scene.
He also went to China to find a trampoline manufacturer.
\"I had to go because we heard horror stories about businesses not getting what they asked for,\" Harrison said . \" He\'s in three 40-
The FT container arrived on a snowy day in November 2015.
\"It\'s a relief to find them packed with raf with trampoline.
After many late nights of sawing and hammering, Gravity\'s first park was completed.
It opened in February 2015 and has already taken 60,000
Book within six weeks.
\"This number surprised us,\" Harrison admitted . \" He expects 10 PCs.
He put on his uniform and worked in a military court in the park.
Jenkinson works on a farm).
One of the attractions of a gravity Park, think it\'s common
Founder is the layout.
Its Xscape website looks more like a nightclub: it\'s colorful, noisy, and designed to be inclusive so people can bounce around together.
\"Trampoline park could be a bunch of separate trampoline in a big and boring shed-in some cases,\" Harrison explains . \".
\"For us, imagine half a football field covered with a wall --to-
Walls on the surface of a single trampoline.
There are also various activities: obstacle courses;
Fighting beams, people (
Or what the company calls a \"bodyguard \")
Can fight with putter;
Basketball Court, where tourists can jump and dunk;
And giant airbags for practicing spins and tricks.
The company also provides services to the general population.
While most of Gravity\'s turnover comes from young people and children\'s gatherings, it has launched specialized meetings for young children and parents, and fitness courses and expert meetings for autistic children.
\"Staff are trained in autism awareness,\" Harrison explained . \".
\"We dim the lights, turn off the music and set up a sensory tent-from 18 months to 90 months, we try to meet everyone\'s needs --years-old.
This method works;
In the first 18 months, Gravity opened three more parks in Hull, Norwich and Maidstone, and will open four more in the next 7 months.
In the first year, now 250 employees
Strong registered company.
Turnover rose to 7. 5m last year. Sixty-
One-minute bounce training starts at 8. 95.
\"We consciously decided to open only to leisure destinations with high passenger traffic,\" Harrison said . \".
Very expensive but very low price
There is a reason for the lower cost: \"If the bowling alley doesn\'t work in the industrial zone behind the auto mechanic, why is trampoline park like this?
\"The third in the industry will go bankrupt in the next few years, because parks choose poor places.
Park owners will also face the challenge of health and safety supervision.
Gravity is a founding member of the British chapter of the International Trampoline Park Association (ITAP).
With the help of outside experts such as British gymnastics and some insurance companies, it has recently published a set of British standards, and if a park wants to be a member of the association, it can skip the current unregulated industry restrictions.
\"We need the attention of others;
We can\'t have a point [
Of these standards]
That\'s the industry.
Harrison said he added that the Xscape site of gravity had to be refurbished to meet the standards.
One change that ITAP members have to make is that there is an extra bed under each trampoline in case it cracks and the bodyguard falls.
There must also be a court supervisor for every 20 bodyguards.
\"It\'s a barrier to entry because if you had 1 m and a shed before, you could open up a park,\" Harrison said . \".
\"The industry does need some regulation because there are some bad operators there.
They made a bad name for the rest of us.
\"In terms of the next step, the business is carrying out a gravity franchise.
\"We\'re going to spend a lot of time and money getting started and running-by the end of the year we should have six franchise companies in the pipeline.
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