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tragedy, passion and devastation: 14 huge christmas spoilers for emmerdale

by:Powerful Toys     2019-09-08
Elsewhere, the Thomas family continues to suffer as Ashley goes missing-but will they have some respite during Christmas? Kerry Wyatt continues to self-destroy, while Zach and Lisa Dingle may be scheduled to be reunited-but that puts JoanieAdd in a bind and deep frustration on the issue of relationships, the cunning secret and competition between brothers and sisters prepare for the dramatic festival in the village.
Here\'s what you need to know: Emmerdale is lining up for a different episode to give the audience a direct idea of the day of his tragic trip to dementia.
When Ashley leaves the hospital and finds himself lost and unable to cope with tasks we take for granted, special shooting techniques will follow him.
Can the panicked Laurel find him before the serious injury arrives? It was a bad year for Moira, so no wonder she was sent to the bottle.
As things continue to develop on her, she drinks and Pete tries to serve her.
She kissed him warmly when he reached out more than one shoulder and cried, but when she found out the connection between Lisa and Zach, how far they would go, what would Leyla say, it\'s never like Christmas daybreak and Christmas trees in the two-man farm forest, and they soon start to recall the past.
With Christmas coming, a series of events showed Jony where Zach\'s heart was-a record of hurtful looks like she and Zach nailed the last nail in the coffin.
When Joanne slips away from the awkward situation, will the road to Zak and Lisa\'s reunion be cleared, or is it too late to go back after the bar showdown, A drunk Moira climbed into her van and when Kane did her best to stop her from driving she quickly got out of control.
Pete noticed the danger and pushed Jacob to a safe place, but the terrible incident changed and he was hit.
When he was rushed to the hospital, was there a Christmas tragedy happening recently, and Laurel was more serious than ever in considering full time care for Ashley, he had a bad day as Christmas approached.
Things are frustrating because it\'s clear Ashley doesn\'t know it\'s Christmas or Gabby\'s birthday, but there\'s a series of surprises for the family that can cheer them up.
When Gabby finds out that Ashley remembers . . . . . . She was moved after Christmas, Joanne made a life-changing decision, ready to leave with Kyle, but Lisa knew how much harm it would do to Kane, she found her and begged her to come back.
But can she get her through? It\'s not Joanne\'s only drama either, as she comes to save Kerry when some men try to take advantage of her state of drunkenness.
Joanne waded into the water and took drastic actions that could have serious consequences.
Kane tried to be Moira\'s knight in shining armor, taking responsibility for Pete\'s encounter, but it was clear that Moira was as vulnerable as Christmas.
When Moira collapsed, Kane was there to support her, and there was a clear thaw between them, and there was growing hope for Kane\'s reunion.
Is this a new start for CoiraRonnie? He is still used to staying on the farm at home and living with Lawrence when Lawrence gives him a very expensive Christmas watch
Ronnie later explained to Lawrence that it was really too much, and he made a phone call to make Chris suspicious.
Later found out that Eric had his watch with him, Chrissie bought it back and faced Ronnie, but when he liked the relationship with Kasim, how would he explain this finn on the cloud, I don\'t know if his fierce behavior with Emma may push his new boyfriend away.
With breathtaking Emma inviting a shocked Kassem to move in, Finn is ready to make a huge gesture, and Kassem begins to wonder.
Will Finn\'s public feelings make him run? He admitted to Leila that he was not ready to move, which allowed Pete to escape direct damage in a car accident but still had consequences when he later collapsed in the hospital.
As a crazy Leyla worry about him, the nurse will reveal his problems and his health may be at serious risk. Let\'s hope David won\'t have a Christmas nightmare.
Kerry continued to press the self-destructing button, and eventually got into a dangerous situation when she was hammered, and Joanne had to rescue her from the situation.
At the same time, as the compensation hearing comes, Kerry is determined to get what she thinks she deserves from Jai, but as she gets more and more proud, she finally pushed her luck too far with some unreasonable demands.
Is Dan the one who asked Kerry to complete the mission, or is her behavior going to continue to have worseEmma pin her hopes on Christmas, only her and her boys, so she was on the scene for leleyla.
Later, she became more annoyed with Leyla because she made a joke, said she was nervous about Kasim\'s relationship with Finn-wouldn\'t Leyla be doing a dangerous enemy village with half the people attending a New Year\'s Eve party at a family farm, and Chris was more annoyed than ever before.
When Chris tries to destroy the video slides she makes, Rebecca swears to revenge, and when the movie airs, Rebecca gets excited about what\'s about to unfold.
But how Chris will finally react, Jimmy is back to the village, but things are still tense between him and Nicolas.
The couple continued to argue about the misconception of Christmas gifts, and the children felt helpless because they were worried that their parents would break up.
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