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Toy market barometer change big toys

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-18
Wide network in Beijing, June 1, the Chinese toy association released statistics show that China's toy exports reached 151 in 2016. 26 $800 million, compared with 2004 growth. 9%. Compared with the rapid growth of export figures, the domestic toy industry based on the characteristics of attract the foreign toys, is also becoming more and more lively, professional toy sales quantity more and more, the scale is becoming more and more big. Large inflatable toys dominant toy big is not much in the past, now the toys have to the trend of the development of the large-scale, often need to play with toy drilling operations in the toy. A large inflatable toys manufacturers on behalf of the said production, large inflatable toys, especially suitable for children to exercise various ability, can be made all sorts of modelling for large inflatable toys, children's play is also a sense of security. Toy fair in Beijing, shanxi Taigu County zhiqiang entertainment equipment co. , LTD launched a high 4. 8 m crane become dealer's good catch. This kind of crane use wood, top with all kinds of roller, and rope, console, joystick, children can sit next to console, to spin boom, put some toys weight control the crane. “ This kind of engineering mechanical toys, can cultivate children's interest in mechanical engineering at an early age, when they grow up they will make it easier to understand the principle of mechanical work. ” Says Jason hu, general manager of the company, & other; Now children, play and amusement toys are passively can not manipulate and control of your own, the large crane changed that, let the child can manipulate toys, children are interested in. ” New concept toy growth space more anyone when I was a child played with toys, but are you sure you have heard of ecological toys. Shandong yantai ant workshop ecological technology co. , LTD. Is the production of a kind of can watch the ants living habits of ecological toys, the toy into a transparent sol in the airtight glass, you put any above-ground caught ants in container, can patiently observe it make hole and handling of food. “ Ecological toy factories in the United States, this type of toy can sell each month about 30000 pieces. Last Christmas, an American company sold 100000 units. Our customers in slowly accept the ecological toys, and even some white-collar personage also likes this kind of products, often bought in the office. Can be assumed that the new concept of toys has very big growth space. ” The ant says Wang Zhigang, general manager of the workshop. Traditional toys selling again at the eighth national toys and children's products fair, organized by Beijing toy association of traditional toys, such as the Beijing & other; The kite ha & throughout; The kite ( Produced by Beijing kite, the fourth generation successor) And around the kite ( Characteristics can be carried on a dream of red mansions to kite made one by one) Got the audience's attention, dealers about how to become agents of these kites. Yao Yuzhi from ten years ago to concentrate on research of ancient Chinese educational toys. At the fair, his all sorts of traditional educational products, such as five pillars puzzle, jigsaw puzzle, warom, lock and so on, become a focus of dealers. He said: & other; Now children like electronic toys, electronic games, play traditional toys can not only teach children the beginning ability, abstract thinking ability, also can give the child infusion of Chinese traditional culture, has more benefits than those foreign toys. ” His products have already mass production, because the production can be guaranteed, the show initiative and he approached a lot of business customers. Tip: traditional toys to capture the market, large toy is profitable, the new concept of toys to win the future, it has become many dealers & other The business formula & throughout; 。 Indeed, in the face of increasingly large number of toys, accurately grasp the vane of toy market is particularly important. And the current time toy market direction is: large toys, new concept of toys and traditional toys more investment value. Source: China business news coordinating editor: amusement
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