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top 5 technology trends at ces 2009

by:Powerful Toys     2019-12-26
The technology of KidsCES 2009 uses part of the floor of the exhibition hall to design the technology that takes into account the children.
Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
This is an organization that produces CES called the Children\'s Games Summit \".
There are two main components of the summit: the space for the CES showroom where exhibitors can showcase their products, as well as a series of meetings on the use of technology for children.
Products are available from educational equipment to toys and games.
One of the most popular projects at the summit is the Mind Flex game from Mattel.
The game consists of a circular surface of the game with a small vent pointing straight up and several obstacles mounted on a rotating track.
To play the game, you place a plastic ball on the vent and try to pass the ball through the obstacle when the obstacle rotates in place.
But there\'s a problem. -
You control the ball with the equipment on your head.
Mattel claims that the device can measure your brainwaves and you can control the height of the ball by focusing or relaxing.
The meetings at the Children\'s Games Summit cover topics such as education, Internet security, and what it means to define games in a digital environment.
Attendees have the opportunity to discuss issues with experts and business executives and learn about the upcoming toys.
As we will see in the next section, children are not the only age group that has received special attention in CES 2009.
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