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Took the kids to play on Sunday inflatable toys, two people having a good time

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-25
Fluorescent mother had said to please we go to Yosemite, jump, delayed by me, have been dragged into this Sunday. On Sunday, the weather is very good, want to consult with fluorescent mom, can we change to the outdoors, afraid of being beaten, did not dare to say. Ha ha ha! To the end of the year, began to busy. Large inflatable toys this time last year began to make cervical spondylosis, at this time of year again. It started to deteriorate in the last week or work, then began to work in the afternoon, exaggerate the last week, a work in the morning began to hurt. Continue like this, is expected to be back home. A jump into the Yosemite, both children are headed for the little train, not to point, the two children so clinging to wait. Time, to fill up the train in a fraction of the children. The inflatable castle is really soft, our two mother go up and then began to stumble, instead, it is better to two children. I keep sitting and leaning against something to sit tight, otherwise the stagger. Two girls actually has not met for a long time, but a meeting that day was very warm, like a old friend I had not seen for a long time. An ultra like the fish, the flourishing is like the open mouth, even after the home also drew a big mouth. This house is very good-looking, good technical can certainly was very beautiful. Recently began to feel more won't take photos, each time you see the photos also pick out a few Zhang Xihuan. Two people in this small bathtub flourishing said: wash your neck, wash hair, wash your body this small house is lovely, small bath crock, small, small sofa bed, even I like it. Drink when glazed eyes wag of in the house of this and get it that, has always refused to leave. Let her go to play other don't want to, to stay here and guard, afraid there is a bad guy. Fluorescent mother told brassy don't run himself, should wait for the flourishing and play together, called several times by fluorescent chian finally willing to leave this small house, to play the other. And fluorescent mother threw the ball to each other flourishing to throw the ball and try to stand in the top failed after the home in the spaceship flourishing on the spacecraft, also said he control switch. At this point, the outside is an angry, because she wants to make flourishing together and play with her rocking chair, fluorescent and her mother has been to persuade her to go with flourishing and play a spacecraft. Run run to the spacecraft, to persuade flourishing down and play with her rocking chair. Flourishing or not, I said: you are come with fluorescent, let's go and play with her. Flourishing agreed to go with me to find a brassy. I guess the flourishing must particularly fond of the spacecraft, because last night, she pulled out panel drawing, call I go to see, said drew a spacecraft. But at that time she accept to abandon ship, to play and run rocking chair. Flourishing sometimes very stubborn, but sometimes also very tolerant. Two children run mother say how to play, and to discuss how to play, two times found or wave. Two children ran, brassy mother helplessly say: what I mean is to let one of them actually sit on one side, like a seesaw. Ha ha ha! Who sit squat, squatting up fast, who is on the other side of the little man ran faster. Catch a little star next is busy work a place of dribbling the ball put the ball finished loading, then continue to install somewhere else. Red car, red dress, red craft, good hot start and run again later, mother threw the ball on kicking the slope sliding, every time want to go to the sea in the ball pool, have to climb up very difficulty. Flourishing of sports ability inferior to run away, run his climb up, flourishing always slide down. Ready to go home, but also into the circle, to the toilet on the way home, you kiss me I kiss you two children laughing matter, particularly close. I looked at all feel very touched, like two little sisters. Most of the time can get along harmoniously, and sometimes play play small temper, but soon made up. At the age of four memory how deep? I said is not good, but I still clearly remember kindergarten with good friends crazy laugh scene, although rarely contact later, but a childhood that friendship will forever remember in heart, and become a good memories of the eternal.
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