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Today take baby to play in the li feng cartoon's paradise inflatable castle

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-11
Treasure today dad went crazy to go to nanjing, I and your baby to play in the li feng cartoon's paradise. We set out 10:10, treasure and I said you can't always be mother oh, mom will hold still, inflatable castles you should go down with her mother. Treasure your mouth said yes, but haven't let her go a few meters she quit just want me to hug. I saw next to a mother holding the baby, about five months, and says that you see only in this way can't walk the baby to hold in your hands all day mom, you are the big baby to walk alone. Treasure to force compromise, bargaining and I also said that mom to hug me oh you cross the road. Ha ha, this is hold for a walk, we went to the li feng. To paradise she play can be happy, a five-pointed star lying on the ground mat was she was going to pick it up from the ground to play, but is bigger than her elder sister to pick it up to play first, she didn't know how he looked at me with sister bargaining, took me to go to asked my sister to come over. I don't have to help her but tell her this is a public place, what's inside each of the children can play, if something else children got the first you want to play you can consult with children, can and sister can give me to play for a while? If the elder sister to you, you want to say thank you. If the elder sister is not willing to give you, you won't played for a while sister also will not play, when the time comes you to play again, but you can't cry, cry sister will not give you. She no longer have KuQiang to understand, but also not to discuss with my sister. We went on running madly in the park, what slide, ocean ball, inflatable castle played for a while. Have a little brother a person holding the two ball in play, his father also beside. Big ball he a man can't hold two, treasure to pick up a run to play next to me, that guy nasty, ran to the treasure the side said it was my father and I play, meaning is to treasure back to him. We don't treasure, holding the ball put into my hand, do you want me to help her then, also very anxious to say well well well. I didn't help treasure, encourage her to your father and brother don't play, we both play a one person. But baby timid, dare not say like. Then little brother stole the ball, the little brother dad said the elder brother, and then put the ball to the ground, our baby is finally out of the ball. I go home at night and said mom a day and you chat, she is very fit to come over, I'll and she said the paradise of the two things today. After I told her friend of items you want to play, you want to discuss with him say it, don't cry, crying is not solve the problem, strive for as far as possible. If there is one big friend rob your toys, do you want to say out loud to refuse, not to mom and dad to help you, because mom and dad can't help you forever, so much to the baby to resolve. Understand little guy sitting on my lap, probably she also small, less than 3 years of age, experience after natural know that way. Baby, come on!
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