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Tips about outdoor tourism tents for you learned

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Fire curtains manufacturers know that we all know that buying curtains, use of time to build up to rain. Today is what the way to take the curtains dome-like tent pitched up is simple: to nail tent tile on the floor, under the four corners, Some of them are hexagonal) The nail, can also be stretched on the nail is nailed again after with peng rod. The two groups ( Hexagon dome for three groups) Peng, woven into rod if peng rod is bulk, need according to use instruction set up. Will loose rod wear into the tent, within a set of two groups in the end of the sleeve hole, together with two groups of the other end of the rod tension force, tension after also in another set of hole. Bring tents shake forming can hit the nail on the ground. Have a coat on the coat or small cover, to end. Triangle tents; Hood tent nails lay a coat and jacket, make all the strain. Will rain into the strut end cap, put on wind pull, finished. Will be loose tile tent to the ground and flattening and along the bottom edge nailed down. From inside the tent will be from the two fulcrum bar, set on blocking pipe, combined into the bar. Note: double triangle tent account has a space between inside and outside, should adhere to the space, don't make the inner and outer layer & quot; Touch & quot; Together, the space can have rain, heat preservation effect. On one: a: want to know 3 points exactly what a unique inflatable tent next article: next up: you know about fire tent if there is a real physical structure
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