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Their favorite roller bicycle, rotating flying chair, merry-go-round and inflatable castles

by:Powerful Toys     2020-04-22
It's sunny today, the outdoor temperature is appropriate, in addition to the air quality in general, very suitable for outdoor activities. Mom and dad took their to the fit of the garden. Their played her favorite roller bicycle, rotating flying chair, merry-go-round, also before my father go to the supermarket procurement of intermittent, twenty minutes to jump on the inflatable castle & hellip; … There won't be much identified the specific process. Father say is two details: one is their boldness and movement ability. Their today for the first time a person on rotating flying chair; A man climb carousel were seated directly without external force. In addition on the inflatable castle, their little brother finished height ma GSM can't complete the jumps. Each project, the curiosity of the move from other parents around their: & other; How old is the boy? ” The answers to your mom, 3, 4 months later, everyone has a deep sigh: & other; Amazing! Courage is too big! ” The second is their clever and considerate. When dad go to the supermarket procurement, mother a person to accompany their. Such as father left, mother has little money with him only to find that, can't let their continue to play with other projects. When dad finished purchasing back to fitness garden, saw only mom and their sitting on a bench waiting for dad. Mother looking at the mobile phone, their one obediently sat beside mom silently, eyes absently staring at the distance, thoughtful & hellip; … To explain to their mother said later, after the mother had no money, their don't noisy don't make, so quietly wait for dad. But in the evening their still made a little mistake, is dad a lesson. Their has a bad habit, like throw your juice. Such as RenLaiFeng, she picked up the book or toy will be thrown. Such as eating, didn't swallow the first bite, a second better feeding mouth, she dropped the first bite to vomit. This bad habit mom and dad said her many times, also let grandma USA played a mouth, but grandma could not heavy, their have been smirked. Their your again today, dad personally, comparing both hard hit their next mouth & hellip; … After their stay for a few seconds, return to absolute pitifully called mother, then began to cry. The next thing is to mother for comfort and education, finally, under the mother motioned, dad said & other; Dad still love baby & throughout; , their mood gradually stabilized. -- -- reward is clear, do not mean to praise children, and, when necessary, also give disciplinary appropriately, mom and dad holding the scale of this.
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