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The wild weather little knowledge

by:Powerful Toys     2020-05-13
Small wild meteorological knowledge: in the outdoor travel should know some basic knowledge of the weather, the book some introduced in chapter 7, here is for camping. Once in the outdoor, it is only in god's hands, we can only know the nature, and cannot control nature. Travel in addition to meet the thunderstorm, blizzard, and so on and so forth should stop, rest, also can continue to other actions. And camping in the wild would need to consider more meteorological problems: rain, rain is one of the important problems, camping weather to consider if you have any chance of rain, on the evening of the judgment shall be necessary for camp and tent waterproof processing, in addition to the chosen camp, need to dig a flood ditch, reinforce the tent and enhance the waterproof performance, such as can be outside the tent with rainproof plastic cloth, raincoat, etc. , will be a variety of travel products placed in the tents of medium. Rain to observe the weather changes in front of the camp, travel experience seeing much more frequently will master is a big promotion. Wind: the corresponding camp is more important, related to the tent door, stove mouth open to the regional overall arrangement and camp. This need to know some knowledge of topography and climate, camping at the edge of the great lakes and its direction is opposite change in the morning and evening, during the day, the ground temperature rising fast, is the wind to dry land scraping; At night, the ground temperature drop quickly, the wind blow to the lake. Reason lee tent door shall be open, and stove mouth should be open to the wind. In the hot, dry mountains also have similar case, during the day, as a result of the valley, Valley) Temperature rise more slowly than the slopes ( The top of the mountain) , rising air currents, namely valley wind up, and the night is falling airflow, the wind valley. Therefore, encamped in the valley shall be subject to consider the situation. The wind direction and wind, corresponding to the outdoor sports is more important, conditional can take a wind anemometer, or according to the table below to check wind, might as well when a diary record one day one of the largest wind speed.
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