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The water to get an electric shock risk you know?

by:Powerful Toys     2020-03-26
Hot summer has arrived, swimming has become a part of life very much. The hot summer months only cold water can meet our hot body and heart. Actually now swimming pool will have a lot of risk. Recently there has been a shock hazard of water for several times, inflatable toy factory is a how to return a responsibility. Water shock hazard must be careful with the advance of science and technology, and our demand for material things more and more high, pure play water swimming is not enough to meet our requirements. So the water pump, lighting, fountains, these pool using the power equipment is becoming more and more in many of the tank bottom, weaving lines of cable wire. The electricity in the water security is very strict, at the same time, electric power equipment also gradually aging in over time. So when the swimming pool equipment installation not following the safety requirements, regular inspections or not, the risk of electric shock events will appear. Vietnam electric shock accidents appear as the one above hotel, just don't go. Another likely to get an electric shock risk, is caused by bad weather, the thunderstorm, strong winds damaged electric power facilities around, leakage, thus lead to the damage of the water to get an electric shock. If several factors together, of course, the possibility of injury or serious degree, will be more terrible. In general, leaked is low pressure domestic load in similar circumstances. According to the different situation of water quality, electrical conductivity also have difference ( Pure water can be regarded as electrical insulation, but with the increase of the impurity, the conductivity will be more and more strong) 。 If a wire leakage, near the leakage point, take strong damage, as the distance is far, the effect will be weakened. Most of the leakage accident won't appear that we can imagine, once electricity dead a pool. If you don't have near the leakage point, just feel feel being shocked in the water, need to leave the water as soon as possible, to a dry ground. If the swimmer is near the leakage points, could immediately or soon lose consciousness because of electric shock. Found a similar situation occurred in the pool, the shore before the rescue must be rational, get ready, and all the electric shock cases relief points, self-preservation is the first, not protect yourself and help others as a result, tend to be their own injury or death. The first thing is to find a way to power, the second thing is dial the emergency telephone, then try to save lives. Save people must not go, but stand on the shore, dry place, use the long pole of the insulation ( Don't be metal or wood) Pull the victim to the shore. The U. S. consumer product safety commission in the case of the CPSC website introduces relief. 2002 Texas a 14-year-old girl in the swimming pool leakage electric shocks, another bailout launched, young people at the age of 16 has also suffered from severe shock damage, the last is another companion with fiber glass rod being rescued two people pull to the shore. When transferring the injured to the ground, check whether he is still breathing and heartbeat, if not, check the airway unblocked, artificial respiration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), CPR until help came. Water shock really is a very dangerous thing, the water is, after all, a conductor, the situation more serious than water cramps. In our daily life, the best way is to avoid a series of problems. At the time of swimming on inflatable toys, inflatable pool is very important, after all, most are rubber products, is an insulator.
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